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Sometimes called “G6,” the Jet Fuel strain is the product of crossing Aspen OG with High Country Diesel. This left us with a cannabis hybrid that leans heavily toward the sativa side of things.

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Jet Fuel Feminized Seeds Viewed 480 times today. Purchased 89 times today. Purchased 564 times this week. Get ready to be revved up, cannabis growers. Let’s just say that, in cannabis cultivation circles, the Jet Fuel strain has sometimes been dubbed “the cocaine of marijuana.” Now, fret not. Cannabis plants won’t yield the sensations of actually using cocaine, including all the negative side effects and the addiction issues associated with that drug. The cultivation of cannabis strains often becomes paired with hyperbole. Let’s treat Jet Fuel for what it is, which is to say a popular strain that our cannabis seed bank here at Growers Choice Seeds can help you get cannabis seeds to add this strain to your cannabis crop. Jet Fuel Cannabis Plant Genetics We’re talking 70 percent in terms of sativa parentage and indica parentage comes in at 30 percent. Jet Fuel marijuana seeds actually don’t contain elevated THC levels either. Our version of this strain comes in at around 18 percent when it comes to THC, the psychoactive chemical compound found in the marijuana plant. If you don’t overindulge, don’t expect to be hit too heavily with psychotropic effects. Feeling extremely high is not the sensation primarily associated with the Jet Fuel cannabis strain. The Distinct Smell Of Jet Fuel The aromatic smell of this strain is unmistakable. You may notice a whiff of fossil fuel aromas in the air. High Country Diesel is not named inaccurately, and it passed on an aromatic profile now found in Jet Fuel seeds. This is a strain that indeed smells of diesel. A gasoline scent is found in several cannabis seed strains. It is a polarizing scent, we know. However, there is a reason that the cultivation of cannabis has yielded strains that smell of diesel time and time again. Some people love this distinct smell. Jet Fuel isn’t purely a diesel-scented experience, though, and it doesn’t taste like chugging gasoline from the pump. The earthy flavor of pine is a highlight of this marijuana strain as well. What Is It Like To Smoke Jet Fuel? The polarizing nickname “the cocaine of marijuana” landed at the feet of Jet Fuel because, well, it revs you up and gets you going. Sativas are energizing strains as is, but clearly, folks find more energy from partaking in Jet Fuel than others. Expect a burst of mental energy, but you will feel it on the body level as well. You can consider it an “alternative fuel” to coffee potentially, and it is definitely a sensible choice as a wake-and-bake strain. However, this is a hybrid, so some of the indica parentages will be felt in the body as well. You may be energized in mind and body, but your body could also feel somewhat relaxed at the same time. Are Jet Fuel Seeds Good For Therapeutic Users? If you need to fight fatigue, this could be one beneficial plant! Additionally, some find Jet Fuel effective for some pain issues, particularly in the head. Those who deal with tension headaches and migraines often speak to the ability of Jet Fuel to help in those instances. The energy boost could serve as a mood booster as well. Growing Jet Fuel Plants We’d recommend Jet Fuel for experience growers, but novices may want to try their hand at another strain or two first. Owing to the sativa parentage, Jet Fuel plants can grow fairly tall, up to 10 feet outside if left unencumbered. Tending to these plants will take some effort. Indoor cultivation and outdoor cultivation are both viable options. The flowering period tends to last 9-10 weeks. Whether grown indoors or outdoors, the yield at harvest time tends to be similar. Expect 400 grams per square meter indoors, and roughly 400 grams per plant outdoors. Buy Jet Fuel Feminized Seeds Today If an energetic, cerebral high entices you, then Jet Fuel marijuana seeds could be the perfect addition to your selection. Hey, maybe you just want that classic diesel aroma. That’s cool too. Customer service is key to us here at Growers Choice Seeds. That means offering fast, reliable, and discreet delivery to our customers across the globe. It also means providing a germination guarantee on every order as long as you follow the germination guidelines laid out on the Growers Choice website. Of course, it also means offering fully-feminized cannabis seeds to all our customers. Only female marijuana plants have buds, which is where almost all the THC is found. There’s a reason why you smoke the buds of the plant. Now, in addition to Jet Fuel, there are dozens of other strains of note and acclaim to be found in the Growers Choice online catalog. Here are five more to keep in mind the next time you order cannabis seeds. 1. Durban Poison: If sativas are your thing, then Durban Poison should absolutely be in your strain rotation. This is a true rarity in modern cannabis: a pure, non-hybrid strain. Yes, Durban Poison is a pure sativa, one with high levels of THC and an easy-growing experience as well. 2. Gelato: A hybrid strain, Jet Fuel Gelato, exists out there, so this strain complements Jet Fuel well. It’s a balanced hybrid, but also notably has THC levels of 22 percent. Just wait to give Gelato a shot, as it is one of the trickier strains to grow. 3. Panama Red: Strains don’t get much more old school than Panama Red. Another pure sativa, this strain straight from Central America has sensible levels of THC and is also prized for the look of the plant. 4. Diesel: Let’s get to the heart of the matter. What strain brings the diesel aroma better than, well, Diesel? This strain is actually strikingly similar to Jet Fuel in terms of profile. It has more CBD, though, and a larger yield when you grow it. Perhaps it isn’t as energizing, but it is sativa-dominant. 5. Pineapple Diesel: If you want to balance out the diesel aroma with a sweet, citric flavor, then go with Pineapple Diesel. This balanced hybrid has a nice kick to it, and it is considered a top choice for socially-minded smokers.


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