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Jack Herer is a world-famous sativa-dominant hybrid that is one of the classic marijuana strains. The aroma of these marijuana plants smells of pine and pepper with woodsy undertones. Therapeutically speaking, this strain may help with stress and pain.

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Jack Herer Feminized Seeds Viewed 444 times today. Purchased 81 times today. Purchased 376 times this week. A nearly balanced hybrid, Jack Herer brings to the table the best of both sativa and indica effects. Users generally find themselves happy and calm, but alert enough to carry on conversations. This daytime strain provides medical relief from the symptoms of depression and can soothe away stress and anxieties, and reduce pain. Maybe you never got the chance to meet Jack Herer, but now, Jack Herer’s here for you! Jack Herer feminized cannabis seeds are named for the well-known and much-respected advocate of industrial hemp legalization. An enduringly popular recreational and medical strain, weed plants of the Jack Herer ilk are also recognized as medical-grade pharmaceuticals in the Netherlands. Of course, the Dutch would love a marijuana strain named for a legendary cannabis activist, especially since it is such a perfect choice on the medical marijuana front as well. Jack Herer Hybrid Cannabis Strain Jack Herer is a hybrid that is fairly balanced, which means that the Jack Herer strain brings to the table the best of both sativa and indica effects. Coming in at 55 percent sativa and 45 percent indica, you could call the Jack Herer marijuana strain sativa dominant, but it isn’t overpowered by the sativa effects. At this point, the Jack Herer strain is as iconic as the man for which it is named, but it has some truly iconic parentage as well. We’re talking Haze, Skunk (specifically Shiva Skunk), and Northern Lights #5, three winners of early Cannabis Cups that are still awarded varieties. A wide range of people buy our Jack Herer feminized seeds, and users generally find they are happy and calm after consuming the orange and lemon-scented vapor, but alert enough to carry on conversations that are bound to get interesting thanks to the strain’s ability to “Jack” up creativity. What Is The Flavor Of Plants Grown From Jack Herer Seeds? The effects of smoking a strain are always key before you buy strain seeds, but don’t overlook flavor and aroma. Who wouldn’t prefer amazing flavors and intoxicating aromas? Some speak of a citrus scent, but the characteristic aroma of our Jack Herer strain is a bit different. Jack Herer has a delicate and appealing flavor, but to us, we detect a flavor with notes of pine and peppery plants. It is an earthy strain with a delicious aroma of nature. The Jack Herer strain has a truly intoxicating aroma that may make you feel more connected to the world around you, with a delicate flavor that won’t blow out your palate. Jack Herer seeds should provide you with plants that don’t just make you feel good but are pleasant to smoke as well. Jack Herer Effects You will notice a healthy deposit of sugar-like trichome resin on your Jack Herer plant, in spite of the level of sativa in this sativa-dominant hybrid. This sticky surface is what offers those calming, blissful effects that play along so nicely with the more euphoric sativa qualities the strain provides. Depending on your tolerance and body chemistry, you might find yourself more energized, or deeply relaxed. There are certainly physical effects to using Jack Herer, which is partially why this marijuana strain is often considered a medicinal strain. A moderate THC level of about 18 percent means you’ll get the heady buzz for which cannabis is known, but should avoid any overpowering psychoactive effects. Typically speaking, you can count on long-lasting results from using Jack Herer, but to many, that means more bang for your buck, right? With calming effects, cerebral effects, and physical effects, you can clearly enjoy, and benefit, from the balanced effects of this strain. Hey, they wouldn’t have named a below-average strain after a beloved cannabis advocate, right? Should I Get Jack Herer Feminized Cannabis Seeds For Medicinal Use? Maybe you use marijuana for the THC content. Perhaps it’s for the subtle scent of an aromatic bouquet and a nice flavor. Or, perhaps you are medically minded when you look for cannabis seeds for sale. Medically, our Jack Herer cannabis seeds provide relief from the symptoms of depression, can soothe away stress and anxieties, and even reduce pain. If you are dealing with social anxiety, perhaps a little Jack Herer cannabis is what you need. That being said, every strain isn’t perfect for every circumstance. Though Jack Here has balanced effects, we would not recommend this strain for nighttime use since, despite the relaxation, users often find themselves too attentive to nod off. If you are an insomniac or struggle to sleep, a sativa-dominant plant, even if it is more on the balanced side, may not be ideal. That being said, Jack Herer became a staple of Dutch pharmacies for a reason. The Growth Characteristics Of Jack Herer Feminized Seeds Jack Herer cannabis seeds have a relatively short flowering period of 50 to 70 days, or 7 – 8 weeks roughly speaking. Large, round buds provide a good yield both indoors and out, though the medium height and compact body of Jack Herer make it an ideal choice for indoor growing. Indoor cultivation suits Jack Herer feminized cannabis seeds well. You can expect up to 500 grams of harvestable flower from each square meter of indoor growth, and gardeners with moderate experience should find the growing process quite straightforward. Less experienced cannabis seed growers may want to get a few other strains under their belt first, though we never discourage boldness in our growers. We think you will appreciate every single plant you grow from Jack Herer feminized seeds thanks to its delicious aroma and its ability to provide a burst of energy in a relaxing smoke, as you get that boost without anxiety with sensible intake. When you buy Jack Herer feminized marijuana seeds from us here at Growers Choice, you can count on our customer service. We’re pulling for you to have bountiful harvests from our feminized seeds, which is why we offer a germination guarantee, though to get our germination guarantee, you must use our germination guide. To learn more about this strain, take a look at our Jack Herer article! If You Like Our Jack Herer Seeds, Consider Ordering Seeds For These Strains As Well Ghost Train Haze: This strain hits you harder with the sativa and the THC, making it something of a boosted version of Jack Herer. Green Crack: A similar profile to Jack Herer, but sweeter in flavor and easier to grow, making it a nice choice for beginner growers. Jack the Ripper: An ominous name, to be sure, but don’t let that keep you away from the energy of this invigorating strain. Candy Jack: Jack Herer is a parent of this hybrid which has won a Cannabis Cup itself. Trainwreck: This is actually not an overpowering strain! It’s actually quite close to Jack Herer’s profile, but easier to grow.


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