Hindu Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds


Many award-winning cannabis strains have Hindu Kush as a parent, but Hindu Kush was a game-changing strain in its own right owing to its beloved effects. Hindu Kush is a pure indica strain, though our auto-flowering version does have the ruderalis in the mix.

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Hindu Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 446 times today. Purchased 51 times today. Purchased 331 times this week. It’s a true classic among cannabis strains. In fact, it’s one of the most famous cannabis strains of all time. We’re talking about Hindu Kush, a cannabis seed strain that cannabis growers have cultivated since before Growers Choice Seeds, the internet, television, and even movies. Now, thanks to Growers Choice Seeds, it has never been easier to get cannabis seeds for this beloved strain. In fact, we offer an auto-flowering version of Hindu Kush seeds. First, though, let’s dig into the strain profile that has made the Hindu Kush a true classic cannabis strain. Hindu Kush: A Classic Strain In Asia, you will find the Hindu Kush mountain range. It runs alongside the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan. This is one of the regions of the world where cannabis plants grow naturally. Hindu Kush is a landrace strain that comes strain from the mountains that give the strain its name. It’s one of the original Kush strains, which has become an iconic family of strains. Hindu Kush has been a parent strain to create hybrids over the years by cannabis cultivators, but this is a non-hybrid strain. However, our auto-flowering version works in some Cannabis ruderalis, another landrace strain, and we’ll get into that when we get to growing Hindu Kush plants. If you want a strain profile that is deeply tied to nature and the history of cannabis consumption, this is a truly classic variety among cannabis seed strains. What Is The Flavor And Aroma Of The Hindu Kush Strain? This is a classic plant, obviously, one that was not crafted by human hands to the same degree as some strains. It has practically folkloric flavors and aromas. The distinctive aroma is deeply earthy, smelling of aromatic wood. It may sound trite to say that the Hindu Kush smells like cannabis, but that would be accurate. Some with a practiced nose when it comes to cannabis notice an unmistakable sandalwood aroma in Hindu Kush plants. The earthy aroma of this marijuana strain is reflected in the flavor, though there is a sweet note to this strain profile as well. The Deep Relaxation Of The Hindu Kush Strain Many award-winning cannabis strains have Hindu Kush as a parent, but Hindu Kush was a game-changing strain in its own right owing to its beloved effects. Hindu Kush is a pure indica strain, though our auto-flowering version does have the ruderalis in the mix. However, ruderalis does not change the strain profile at all, as it is only there for its auto-flowering properties. As a naturalistic, landrace strain, Hindu Kush is not terribly high in THC, the psychoactive chemical compound in marijuana. Our version of Hindu Kush comes in at 15 percent on the THC front. Without any sativa in the mix, this cannabis seed strain leans fully into the distinct characteristics of indicas. Indicas are all about full-body relaxation. These are the strains that chill you out and that you feel more in your body than your head. You will feel waves of relaxation washing over you when you partake in a bit of indica. This is definitely not a daytime strain, but a couch-lock strain instead. Only use Hindu Kush when you can spend some time relaxing, though the relatively low levels of THC do limit some of the negative effects that can come from too much THC in a strain. With Hindu Kush, you can get the relaxation without pulverization. Is Hindu Kush Good For Medical Use? Hindu Kush has been used to help with everything from migraines to appetite issues by medically-minded marijuana users. As a pure indica, Hindu Kush’s body high is good for managing chronic pain, and its relaxing effects can help you with sleep issues. This strain is also noted for helping those dealing with a lack of appetite, which can be beneficial for certain people. Growing Plants From Hindu Kush Seeds For novice growers looking for the first cannabis strain to try, Hindu Kush could be a beautiful plant for you. By mixing in the ruderalis to create an auto-flowering strain, Hindu Kush gets even easier to grow. Auto-flowering provides an advantage for growers who are trying their hand at cannabis for the first time. Most cannabis plants are photoperiod and enter the flowering phase after weeks of a light cycle. Auto-flowering plants, though, start their flowering time automatically based on the age of the plants. Truly, the auto-flowering version of Hindu Kush may be one of the easiest strains to grow. Now, the auto-flowering genetics do limit plant height, and the average yield, to some degree. Indoor growers get 300 to 400 grams per square meter, while outdoor growers may only get 100 to 200 grams per plant. However, don’t mistake a lack of a robust yield quantity for a lack of exceptional yield quality, because you can get some great cannabis to enjoy from these consistent plants, just not a ton of it. Get Hindu Kush Feminized Seeds For an easy-growing strain that delivers a pure indica experience, Hindu Kush seeds could be perfect for you. We offer fully-feminized cannabis seeds for this strain, as well as all of our strains. You want Hindu Kush feminized seeds because only female marijuana plants have buds. There are many other great strains we have in the Growers Choice Seeds online store. As we noted, Hindu Kush is the parent of numerous hybrids, serving as one of the backbone strains of cannabis cultivation. Here are five strains you might enjoy alongside your Hindu Kush. 1. Afghani: Like Hindu Kush, Afghani is a landrace strain from the same Asian region. Another pure indica – the Hindu Kush region is almost exclusively the home of Cannabis indica plants in nature – Afghani flavors are fruitier than Hindu Kush, and the THC levels are higher. 2. Hindu Skunk: Two iconic cannabis strains, Hindu Kush and Skunk, joined forces to give us Hindu Skunk. While this is still an indica-dominant hybrid, it has enough sativa in the mix to give you a different experience. 3. Champagne Kush: Champagne Kush is a balanced hybrid but it also comes in at around 15 percent on the THC front. That keeps it from being a couch-lock strain, but you still get the benefits of what Kush provides. 4. Platinum Purple Kush: Now, don’t jump on Platinum Purple Kush right away. This is one of the toughest strains to grow, but in the hands of growers with real experience, it can be a beautiful addition to your collection. It’s high in THC, indica-dominant, and tastes of grapes and berries. 5. The Hog: This pure indica is a Cannabis Cup winner that counts Hindu Kush as a parent. In addition to pure indica effects, it provides you with excellent yields.


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