High THC Seeds Combo Pack


Sometimes we just need a little toke of something super-strong. That’s where the Growers Choice High THC Cannabis Seeds combo pack comes in. These four strains do not disappoint. Sour OG is a superstar, Bruce Banner proves its mettle, God’s Gift is a true reward, and Wedding Cake takes the cake. Don’t miss this discount combo pack.

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High THC Seeds Combo Pack Viewed 300 times today. Purchased 100 times today. Purchased 405 times this week. We all need different things from our cannabis at different times, right? When you’re looking for something hard-hitting, whether it’s to take the edge off a particularly rough day or ease some particularly intense pain, our discount-priced High THC Cannabis Seeds combo pack is the way to go. Soothe yourself with Sour OG, go big with Bruce Banner, find serenity with God’s Gift, and lift your spirits with Wedding Cake. All the strains in this combo pack tend to hit 25% THC or higher. Get Softly Stoned With Sour OG Sour OG cannabis seeds boast 50/50 indica and sativa genetics, but they veer toward the sativa side, giving you an energetic and euphoric boost in their slightly diesel, unsurprisingly sour flavor profile. They might pose a growing challenge for the newest gardeners, but we’ve got lots of faith in our grow squad! They’ll reward you with a nice yield, and with an average THC level of 25%, you get an awful lot of bang for your buck with this one. Beast Mode: Bruce Banner Proudly sativa-leaning Bruce Banner cannabis seeds take aim at 25% THC and don’t disappoint. This tall plant with one heck of a yield (almost 1 kg per plant outdoors!) teases with a berry-diesel palate and will render your mood creative and super-chill. Fend off nausea, fatigue, and depression symptoms, to boot. You’re gonna love this addition to our High THC combo pack. Get Over Yourself With God’s Gift We’re just teasing. With God’s Gift in your repertoire, you have lots of reasons to be proud. First off, you grew this lovely, simple little plant to perfection, and it thanked you with insomnia-fighting and stress-busting effects and a sweet and citrus flavor. With an average 26% THC, a little of this powerful strain goes a long way, so take it easy and thank the ganja gods for this one! Welcome In Wedding Cake Weed Go ahead and take a load off with this 25% THC strain that’s a little picky to grow but well worth the effort. Wedding Cake will wow you with its ability to decrease pain and increase appetite on those days when you need nourishment but just aren’t feeling food (though we wouldn’t recommend dining exclusively on cake). Get energized and happy with just a little hit of this earthy-sweet strain. You’ll never regret growing this selection in the High THC Cannabis Seeds combo pack. Did we mention all our combos come with a sweet discount? Did you ever think you’d get four outstanding THC-heavy cannabis strains for this price? When decision fatigue sets in and you just want to place your order and go, the High THC cannabis seeds combo pack is the perfect pick. Add this combo to your cart right now!


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