Hempstar Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds


Hempstar is a lively near-pure sativa that makes for a fabulous way to start your day off on the right foot.

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Hempstar Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 360 times today. Purchased 94 times today. Purchased 335 times this week. For a stimulating hybrid that embodies the best that sativas have to offer, you’ll want to get your hands on some Hempstar cannabis seeds ASAP. Hempstar, which is a near-pure sativa, also responds to the moniker “Brainstorm.” It’s a lively hybrid that was first created by crossing Skunk, Oasis, and Haze. Eventually, Dutch Passion Seeds took it to the next level by crossing Northern Lights #5 with Haze.   What are the effects of Hempstar cannabis? Relaxed Focused Euphoric Creative With Hempstar cannabis seeds, you should be able to easily grow a fragrant sativa that contains just 10% indica and 22% THC. Hempstar cannabis is a lively near-pure sativa hybrid that delivers users a classic sativa high that makes for a fabulous way to start your day off on the right foot. This is the kind of strain that will clear your mind of brain fog, energize you mentally and physically, and have you feeling good about yourself and the day that lies ahead of you. Used in moderation, this dynamic sativa bursts right out of the blocks without overwhelming. Hempstar is so effective in how it galvanizes users’ moods, minds, and energy levels that many say that given their druthers they’d choose this hybrid to start their day off with over a good cup of coffee! This euphoric hybrid is also known for adding that extra oomph to get your creative juices flowing allowing you to approach things in new and inspired ways all while feeling carefree and fancy free.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Hempstar cannabis? As you probably know, cannabis doesn’t have to contain much if any CBD for it to still have the potential to provide both mental and physical health benefits to users. In fact, Hempstar isn’t just popular amongst recreational users, it also has a big following in the medical cannabis community, due in part to the fact that as a dynamic and rousing near-pure sativa it doesn’t hinder patients from going about their day.  As a feel-good kind of strain, Hempstar is often used to effectively address stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. On the physical end of the health spectrum, Hempstar is often prescribed to help patients who are suffering from chronic aches and pains, inflammation, migraines, gastrointestinal disorders, and nausea find some relief.  In addition, its caffeinated-like effects have the potential to help combat fatigue.   What does Hempstar taste like? Hempstar is known for being one of the most flavorful sativas around. This 90% sativa actually has a particularly fruity fragrance that carries over into its flavor, which would seem to be traits that it did not inherit from any of its parent strains.  Along with notes of fruitiness, Hempstar offers users a rich and immensely enjoyable flavor profile that consists of citrus, cream, woodiness, sweet pine, and hints of skunk and earth.   How do I grow Hempstar cannabis seeds? Hempstar, which can thrive both indoors and out, is rated as an easy strain to grow, which means that even first-time and novice growers should find success with this hybrid. Plus, the fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized means that the chances of ending up with male or hermaphrodite plants, while not completely impossible, is incredibly low–hovering in the 10% or so range. Not only is Hempstar a low-maintenance strain to grow, it’s also resistant to common molds and mildews. When it comes down to it, Hempstar’s two biggest needs are plenty of sunshine and regular feedings of nutrients.   What do Hempstar cannabis plants look like? Hempstar plants usually grow to be medium in height. Surprisingly, despite only being comprised of 10% indica genetics, Hempstar’s nuggets are packed together incredibly tightly and very dense in structure. Hempstar’s dark green buds often contain shades of rich purple hues, depending on the grow, and stunningly vibrant red wispy pistils all throughout. In addition, this sativa hybrid’s nuggets are covered in an exceptionally sticky frosting of trichomes.   When to harvest your Hempstar cannabis plant Providing cultivators with above-average yields, Hempstar is sure to delight in the garden. When grown inside, this 90% sativa should produce about 400 grams per square meter after about 8-9 weeks of flowering.  Cultivated outdoors, aromatic Hempstar is usually ready to harvest around the middle of October rendering a hearty yield of approximately 550 grams per plant.   Similar cannabis strains to Hempstar Haze this vintage Santa Cruz, sativa-dominant hybrid is one of Hempstar’s parent strains Skunk this indica-dominant classic is one of Hempstar’s original three parent strains Double Dream this strain that helps you drift into a trance-like state that’s ideal for rest and relaxation is actually a 90% sativa and 10% indica hybrid like Hempstar Kali Mist this award-winning hybrid that’s taken first place three times in its storied history also has a 90:10 sativa to indica ratio Lamb’s Bread this euphoria-driven strain with its bubbly high is another near-pure sativa hybrid


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