Hawaiian Snow Feminized Seeds


Hawaiian Snow is a near-pure sativa that easily runs laps around all others, both in effects and mammoth-sized harvests.

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Hawaiian Snow Feminized Seeds Viewed 466 times today. Purchased 85 times today. Purchased 676 times this week.   By investing in Hawaiian Snow cannabis seeds, you’ll be able to grow one of the most well-known, near-pure sativas that easily runs laps around all the others both in effects and mammoth-sized harvests. Descended from Hawaiian Haze, Pure Haze, and Neville’s Haze, Hawaiian Snow’s dynamic cerebral effects just might leave you in a happy haze.   What are the effects of Hawaiian Snow cannabis? Energetic Creative Uplifted Hawaiian Snow cannabis seeds grow into an insanely high-yielding 90:10 sativa/indica strain that contains 23% THC. If you want to experience a cerebral high like no other, Hawaiian Snow cannabis is the way to go. Its effects on the mind and psyche are so strong that they’re in the realm of overwhelming, but in a way that has users lining up to get their hands on more. While Hawaiian Snow’s THC level is quite high, its impact is considered immensely pleasurable and stimulating. When it comes to feeling uplifted and happy, Hawaiian Snow does not fail to deliver. Plus, its immense energetic boost that’s generously sprinkled with creative and inspired thinking makes it the quintessential daytime smoke when hanging out with friends. However, while Hawaiian Snow is definitely an amazingly upbeat and lively treat to use during the day, you might not want to use it when you have to go to work as it can often leave users feeling a little spacey—in a good, but maybe not the most productive way.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Hawaiian Snow cannabis? While no cannabis strain should ever be viewed as a substitute for consulting with trained, professional healthcare providers about any mental or physical health issue, especially ongoing and/or severe ones, those within the medical cannabis community say that Hawaiian Snow definitely has a lot to offer patients who are seeking chemical-free ways to find relief. This powerfully rousing and blissful strain is said to effectively alleviate stress, depression, bipolar disorder, and ADHD.  Hawaiian Snow also has a reputation for combating and allowing users to manage chronic pain, arthritis, and fatigue. Surprisingly, some say that it also helps with insomnia.   What does Hawaiian Snow taste like? Hawaiian Snow doesn’t have so much a dominant singular taste, but rather a complex flavor profile that’s an intoxicating blend of many different notes that complement and enhance one another. Its initial notes are those of fresh pine and eucalyptus, followed by the tropical flavor of sweet and zesty citrus and the lemon-mint taste of refreshing lemongrass.   How do I grow Hawaiian Snow cannabis seeds? Hawaiian Snow isn’t the best option for novice growers, but, provided you’re at least in the intermediate skill level range, you should be fine growing this sativa. Furthermore, all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, which means that although it can happen from time to time, the chances of ending up with male plants are phenomenally low. Hawaiian Snow will thrive both indoors and out, where inside you would do best to cultivate in soil that’s rich in nutrients. Outdoors, you’ll need to grow Hawaiian Snow in a warm and sunny environment in order for it to reward you with its enormous yields.   What do Hawaiian Snow cannabis plants look like? Hawaiian Snow plants grow to be quite tall with ginormous buds, traits to be expected of such a sativa-heavy strain. Its massive soft mint and dark olive green nuggets are a sight to behold with their wispy amber pistils that flow freely from between their sticky resinous leaves and sugar-like crystal dusting of trichomes that softly glisten in the light.   When to harvest your Hawaiian Snow cannabis plant While it’s true Hawaiian Snow does take quite a while until it begins to flower, what is equally true is that you’ll be so glad you waited once you rake, or maybe shovel, in its exceedingly generous harvest that is of gargantuan proportions when cultivated outside. Grown indoors, after 14 weeks of care, you will rejoice as you reap its huge yield of approximately 550 grams per square meter. If you’re able to cultivate tall-growing Hawaiian Snow outdoors in the right climate, you’ll want to, as even though you’ll need to wait until late October or early November to claim your reward, you’ll be so glad you did as you collect around 1,000 grams per plant!   Cannabis strains similar to Hawaiian Snow Hawaiian Haze this fan-favorite, near-pure sativa is one of Hawaiian Snow’s three parent strains Neville’s Haze this old-school, award-winning, sativa-dominant hybrid is another of Hawaiian Snow’s impressive parent strains Great White Shark an easy-to-grow, indica-dominant strain that can also produce outdoor yields of 1,000 grams per plant  Lemon OG Kush a delightful 50/50 hybrid that also renders an astounding outdoor yield of 1,000 grams per plant  Kali Mist like Hawaiian Snow has a 90:10 sativa/indica ratio; plus, it’s won first place three times in its storied history


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