Hash Plant Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds


As soon as the laid-back, sleepy-high Hash Plant appeared on the scene it had the hearts of hash lovers at “Hello.”

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Hash Plant Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 474 times today. Purchased 79 times today. Purchased 673 times this week.   If you love hash, then Hash Plant cannabis seeds are a definite must for your cultivation site.  This classic indica-dominant hybrid is the offspring of the one and only Northern Lights and Afghani indica. As soon as Hash Plant appeared on the scene, it had the hearts of hash lovers at “Hello,” or maybe “Goodnight,” with its laid back, sleepy high that makes for perfect evening usage.   What are the effects of Hash Plant cannabis? Relaxed Sleepy Happy Hash Plant cannabis seeds blossom into plants with a moderate THC content of 16% that provides a mellow, sleep-inducing high. The onset of Hash Plant cannabis begins merrily, with waves of euphoria and happiness where you may find yourself chattier and more giggly than usual. In short, with Hash Plant you’ll begin your journey to the land of nod in a cerebrally blissful state. While all of these good feelings are happening, Hash Plant’s profoundly relaxing indica side is at work, starting slowly at first and filling your mind and body with the warm and fuzzies as it then crescendos to the point that your eyelids are likely to lose the battle of staying open.   This nighttime strain also tends to induce cottonmouth, so you’ll definitely want to have water nearby before embarking on your soothing journey to Sleepsville.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Hash Plant cannabis? It seems almost redundant to say that as a deeply relaxing and sleep-inducing strain, Hash Plant has the very real potential to help those with chronic insomnia get some much-needed rest. However, Hash Plant isn’t just a great option for those dealing with sleep deprivation. It’s also considered effective at temporarily relieving chronic stress, anxiety, and depression, along with mood disorders brought on by negative thinking. Hash Plant is also an excellent option for helping patients manage their chronic pain, joint and muscle aches, inflammation, arthritis, and migraines.   What does Hash Plant taste like? While it’s completely logical to think that Hash Plant would taste a lot like hash, the reality is that while this applies to its aroma, it is not so for its flavor. Hash Plant’s taste is alluringly seductive with creamy and earthy notes that carry accents of sweetness and spice. When combusting this lovely strain, you’re likely to also pick up on its distinctive wood and herbaceous aftertaste.   How do I grow Hash Plant cannabis seeds? Many cultivators describe the experience of growing Hash Plant to be a complete and total joy due to how easy and low-maintenance this plant is to nurture. Another aspect that makes things that much more delightful for growers is the fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized. When grown outside, Hash Plant will thrive in a warm Mediterranean-like climate where it can get plenty of sun exposure. Hash Plant’s original breeders at Sensi Seeds tend to opt for the hydroculture method, but the plant should do well with all kinds of hydroponics and other various indoor growing methods.    What do Hash Plant cannabis plants look like? When fully mature, Hash Plant is short in height and stocky in build with tightly-packed buds, all of which are traits common to indicas. This hybrid’s dense, dark green buds are accessorized with deep red pistils. Hash Plant’s buds are quite sticky in resin due to their high production of trichomes and they are rich in kief, which are the powdery loose trichomes of a cannabis plant, more commonly known as pollen. When to harvest your Hash Plant cannabis plant This deeply-relaxing hybrid that’s easy to grow has a relatively short flowering time, which is something that indoor growers will definitely appreciate as this means they have the possibility of increasing the number of harvests they have in a year. If grown inside, this hybrid should produce an approximate yield of 350 grams per square meter  in about 7-9 weeks.  Cultivated outside, Hash Plant should be harvest-ready sometime around mid-September with a yield of about 340 grams per square meter.   Cannabis strains similar to Hash Plant Northern Lights this legendary indica-dominant strain is one of Hash Plant’s parent strains Afghani  this pure indica landrace strain is Hash Plant’s other impressive parent strain Afghan this indica-dominant ruderalis hybrid is another great option for hash fans Super Silver known for its long-lasting, energetic high, this sativa-dominant hybrid is a relative of Hash Plant’s as they both share Northern Lights as a parent strain Diesel another relative of Hash Plant’s that claims Afghani as a parent strain


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