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This sativa-dominant strain carries a number of alluring effects. It is also known for its array of flavors, stunning color, and ability to enhance focus. With a high CBD content and moderate THC levels, the Harlequin strain is ideal for those seeking a citrus-scented afternoon pursuing creative projects.

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Harlequin Medical Feminized Seeds Viewed 346 times today. Purchased 81 times today. Purchased 622 times this week. Cannabis Plant Basics Benefits Of Harlequin Seeds Rich in CBD, this joy-sparking plant is the product of multiple landrace sativa strains. Unlike the comedic character for which it was named, the Harlequin strain may not make you laugh—but it will probably make you happy. More accurately, these cannabis seeds earned their moniker by producing plants with showstopping color: Harlequin, a character originating from an early form of Italian comedic theater—Commedia dell’arte, is perhaps best recognized for his multi-hued costume. So too is the homonymous plant: When matured, this strain develops in shades of red, purple, and orange. Which, at least in comparison to your typical cannabis green, make for a true visual stunner. Finally, despite its lower THC content, the Harlequin strain manages to pull off one last flourish: its buds are bestrewn with white, crystal-like trichomes. Anatomy Of A Cannabis Plant If you’re curious to know more about the technical side of things, below are the basics on each part of the plant—and how each work together to produce the benefits of cannabis. Flower: Flowers are only produced by female plants. Also known as buds, each contains the CBD and terpenes responsible for a plant’s particular effects. Clusters of buds bunched together are referred to as colas. The lower branches contain smaller colas, while the larger, more potent cola is typically near the top of the plant. Trichomes: These small appendages are a key part of cannabis plant anatomy. Produced by glands on the leaves, stems, and calyx, they form a crystal-like covering for the buds. They also seep terpenes, CBD, and THC. Fan leaves: The well-known image of the cannabis leaf printed on posters, clothing, and other merchandise? These leaves don’t contain much resin, yet they’re perhaps the most-recognized component of the cannabis plant. Sugar leaves: Though less famous than their fan counterparts, these leaves typically contain more resin and are used to make a variety of cannabis products. Pistils: These house the reproductive parts of the flower and contain thin strands called stigmas. Stigmas are white early in the plant’s life, later turn yellow, and are responsible for collecting the pollen carried by male plants. Bracts: Bracts are green, found in female plants, and sprout tear-shaped leaves. Its resin glands produce the highest amount of cannabinoids within the entire plant. Nodes: This area refers to where a branch sprouts—either from the stem itself, or another branch. They are also useful in distinguishing between male and female plants. Stem: Just like other plants, the stem provides the plant with stability. It can also be cut to encourage greater branch and bud growth. Types of Marijuana Seeds Feminized Seeds: Female plants, when pollinated by males, will produce seeds and resin-covered flowers. However, they will also prioritize seed production, which results in reduced bud potency. Additionally, regular seeds will produce approximately 50% male plants. So, what is the solution to this issue? Feminized plants. This particular variety eliminates seed production entirely. As such, these high-yielding seeds boast some real flower power: With buds rich in THC and CBD, feminized seeds are coveted by growers seeking enhanced potency. Gardeners who opt for this seed type can also expect higher yields with greater grams per plant, and maximized bud production. In addition to Harlequin strain seeds, Growers Choice provides a wide selection of feminized seeds available to meet a huge variety of preferences. High-CBD Strains: The second most common cannabinoid found in cannabis after its psychoactive sibling, THC, CBD is known to provide mental focus and clear-headedness without the mind-alerting effects. Strains high in CBD have a variety of applications: Many find it helps alleviate stress and boost mood, while in general, high CBD and low THC plants are fantastic strains for those seeking soothing properties without the psychoactive effects. Balanced Hybrids: The term “balanced hybrid” may apply to a strain containing an even mixture of indica to sativa, or THC to CBD, respectively. Simply, this label is applied to a hybrid strain when it contains balanced levels and produces a pleasant  balance of contrasting effects. For example, the physical, sedating properties of indica with the cerebral properties of sativa. Or, the clear-headed calm of CBD mixed with the psychoactive qualities of THC. Moderate THC Content: The greater the THC levels, the greater the psychoactive effects. Typically, strains with THC levels of 12-17 percent (such as the Harlequin strain) are categorized as having moderate—and accordingly, will produce moderate effects. Harlequin Seeds Overview With an orange flavor profile and earthy aromas, Harlequin seeds provide a number of beneficial properties. The product of multiple landrace strains, they boast a variety of unique characteristics. Below is a strain profile containing the basics on lineage, genetics, effects, and aroma—as well as recommendations for indoor and outdoor growers. What Are the Characteristics of Harlequin Strains? Lineage, Genetics, And Appearance Harlequin CBD seeds were originally created by mixing a variety of landrace strains. This plant’s sativa-dominant origin comes from Columbian Gold, an heirloom strain, as well as Swiss, and Thai sativas. The result is a citrus-flavored strain with a potent CBD level of up to 15 percent. While this strain does contain some THC, its CBD-rich properties will help curb any THC effects. When matured, the Harlequin strain boasts a vibrant tapestry of color: While its leaves are a medium to pale green, its pistils can take on near-opalescent mixtures of bright orange and vibrant red. Its appearance (and effects) are further enhanced by a white coating of trichomes. Effects As a high-CBD strain, Harlequin plants tend to evoke feelings of happiness: They typically produce an all-around pleasant experience with effects ranging from relaxation to enhanced focus. Some consumers even notice a slight shift in their mental perspective. Additional characteristics may include an increase in appetite and heightened energy levels. As such, it makes for an excellent daytime strain—whether you’re socializing with friends or looking for a sense of imaginative edge when partaking in your latest creative endeavor. Aroma And Taste Earthy and herbal, these fragrant plants produce an aroma profile of pine notes and spices. It also carries a combination of flavors. Some report a taste that is citrus, and crisp; others detect peppery notes. Overall, it is the perfect strain for those that enjoy an orange yet earthy flavor. Flowering Time For Harlequin Strains The Harlequin seed strain has a flowering period of 8-9 weeks and is suitable for indoor and outdoor growers alike. Appropriate care consists of paying special attention to climate conditions, using healthier soils, and providing optimal air circulation. These plant seeds take well to indoor cultivation under the proper circumstances. Indoor growers should ensure Harlequin plants are exposed to a temperature range between 72 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit—and 15-20 degrees lower at night. CBD levels can be naturally enhanced through the management of humidity and temperature. Under proper care, gardeners can expect yields of  650 grams per square meter, and outdoor yields of 600 grams per plant. This plant is easy to cultivate, making it suitable for beginner growers. How To Buy Harlequin Seeds Discreetly Online Whether you are looking for high-quality versions of your favorite strains or seeking an array of strain profiles to explore, Growers Choice offers a vast array of lab-tested, fully-feminized seeds along with a friendly customer care team. Harlequin strain seeds are part of our extensive selection and will come with guaranteed seed germination, excellent quality seeds, and discreet shipping. Additionally. they can be purchased in packs of 5, 10, or 20 seeds to suit a variety of needs. Enjoy Harlequin Seeds? Here Are Some Other CBD-Rich Options: CBD Blueberry: Are you already a fan of the Blueberry strain but also enjoy a hefty dose of CBD? Now you can have both. This indica-dominant product evokes deep relaxation for the mind and body. CBD Critical Mass: Growers will enjoy this strain for its substantial yields. In fact, its flowers grow so densely that its branches have been known to snap. CBD Dancehall: This plant contains just 9% CBD. When enjoyed, you won’t necessarily want to break out the dance moves physically, but its cerebral impact will shake loose the mind and enhance sociability. CBD Moby Dick: This balanced hybrid sprouts generous amounts of flowers and is known for its happy, uplifting effects. Spicy, sweet, and citrus-scented, these plants are suitable for indoor or outdoor growth. Ringo’s Gift CBD:  A fantastic strain for both its stellar taste and mood-boosting effects, Ringo’s Gift clocks in at a 1:20 CBD to THC ratio. This makes it ideal for beginners looking to avoid THC.


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