Green Goddess Feminized Seeds


Green Goddess, a rapturous hybrid that blesses users with leisurely bliss and cerebral invigoration, while still packing quite the heavenly punch.

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Green Goddess Feminized Seeds Viewed 383 times today. Purchased 53 times today. Purchased 469 times this week.   Up until recently this strain was only available for cultivation via the obtaining of a clipping, but now, thank the feminine deities, you can easily order Green Goddess cannabis seeds for your growing practice.  Green Goddess cannabis is descended from Sweet Leaf and Skunk #1, and while indica-dominant, its 25% sativa still manages to pack quite the heavenly punch. This rapturous hybrid blesses its users with leisurely bliss and cerebral invigoration. What are the effects of Green Goddess cannabis? Happy Euphoric Uplifted Energizing Green Goddess cannabis seeds, which mature into divine-looking plants with a THC level of 20%, are a gift from the goddesses. Much like its parent strain–Skunk #1–Green Goddess cannabis starts with quite the cerebral euphoria that is both happiness-inducing and mind-debris clearing in its effects. While quite profound in its efficacy, Green Goddess accentuates and focuses a user’s mental state as opposed to overwhelming it.  Its uplifting brain buzz also sends waves of refreshing energy, focused motivation, and an attitude of exuberance that helps when either needing to stay on task and be productive or when wanting to feel more comfortable and engaged in a social setting. Unless used in excess, Green Goddess cannabis doesn’t tend to render users frozen in place or locked on their couch. Its relaxation works like a soothing stream, slowly but steadily moving from your neck down throughout your body.  What are the therapeutic benefits of Green Goddess cannabis? Not only should recreational users thank the goddesses for Green Goddess, but medical users will also want to offer something up at the altar of gratitude for its therapeutic benefits. Thanks to its mood-boosting effects, Green Goddess has the potential to help patients who are slogging through the heaviness of stress and depression to get some light-inducing, temporary relief. Furthermore, its lucid, focus-providing properties have been known to help those with ADHD. Green Goddess has also shown itself to be beneficial to those suffering from various aches and pains…both chronic and temporary…fatigue, and loss of appetite, which can be of significant aid to individuals who are undergoing harsh treatments. What does Green Goddess taste like? When it comes to cannabis, the terms “skunk” and “skunky” aren’t descriptors of a plug-your-nose, run-for-the-hills kind of smell or taste. If you’ve never tried a skunky-tasting strain before, it would make sense if you hesitated upon hearing that used as a description. However, the majority of users tend to really appreciate skunky strains as it is not the same unpleasant experience as it would be to stumble upon and startle an actual skunk in the wild. Along with its mild skunky notes, Green Goddess cannabis also tastes of lemon, earth, and grapefruit with floral accents. When combusted, this strain is surprisingly smooth and leaves a somewhat aromatic aftertaste. How do I grow Green Goddess cannabis seeds? No longer do you have to track down clippings to grow Green Goddess from seed. While this strain does require some experience to successfully cultivate it, Growers Choice makes things that much more streamlined in that all of our cannabis seeds are feminized.  As is the case for the majority of hybrids, this hardy strain can be grown in and outside in a semi-humid, warm climate where temperatures stay between 70-78 degrees Fahrenheit.  What do Green Goddess cannabis plants look like? Looking like something heaven-sent, Green Goddess, which develops into a medium-height plant, shimmers in the holy glow of its translucent crystal trichomes.  This strain produces hefty, round, dense, and chunky nuggets that are a glorious mix of light and dark shades of green, threaded with feathery and curly dark brown and amber hairs. When to harvest your Green Goddess cannabis plant It is not uncommon for sativas to have a longer flowering stage, and despite Green Goddess being indica-heavy, its sativa side seems to be the dominant factor when it comes to this strain maturing from seed to ready-to-harvest plant. Grown indoors, Green Goddess cannabis takes somewhere between 10-13 weeks before providing a yield of about 350 grams per square meter. Cultivated outdoors, this strain also takes a little longer than the September or October timeframe, and instead is harvest-ready in the second or third week of November, with an approximate yield of 450 grams per plant.  Similar cannabis strains to Green Goddess Death Star this strain’s indica to sativa ratio of 75:25 matches Green Goddess’ with slightly higher THC content Big Wreck opposite end of the spectrum from Green Goddess with 75% sativa and 25% indica Obama Kush a balanced and versatile indica-dominant strain that also has 20% THC content Plushberry a 50/50 hybrid that shares the same THC level of 20% with Green Goddess Presidential OG a powerfully commanding strain for indica fans tha walks that very fine line between being a pure strain and a hybrid with 90% indica


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