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The evenly balanced indica/sativa hybrid known as Green Crack has some seriously strong roots in cannabis culture. This old-school marijuana strain has an earthy, woodsy, and fruity aroma with long-lasting psychoactive effects. You’re in for the long haul with Green Crack feminized seeds.

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Green Crack Feminized Seeds Viewed 319 times today. Purchased 88 times today. Purchased 503 times this week. Naming a cannabis strain is not an exact science. Cultivators of strains tend to give them names that are indicative of some aspect of the strain’s nature. Names can be about colors, flavors, or effects. As such, the Green Crack strain has a name that certainly, well, sticks out. It feels almost antiquated, and perhaps ominous when one is in the market for cannabis seeds for sale. Sometimes, though, you have to set aside the name of a strain, even the Green Crack strain, to delve into the effects and experience. Marijuana seeds for Green Crack may be just what you need. On occasion, a marijuana strain can be left with a name that is polarizing through no fault of its own. A practiced cannabis connoisseur can still rise above that, and so can we at Growers Choice Seeds. What’s The Deal With Green Crack Feminized Seeds? We do know one thing about the Green Crack strain, and that’s the parentage of the strain. This is a cannabis hybrid that was birthed from two iconic, old-school strains in Skunk #1 and Afghani. The Skunk and Afghani genetics make for a bold plant and beautiful hybrid. Green Crack seeds give us cannabis plants that lean on sativa genetics. Our version of this strain is balanced, so it isn’t so much about sativa dominance as it is about sativa slightly beating out the indica genetics. You may hear Green Crack referred to as a “sativa-dominant hybrid,” but there are some who will call any strain that is not a perfectly-balanced hybrid “dominant,” but that doesn’t always feel accurate. The THC Level Of Green Crack Strain Seeds Cannabis growers the world over are concerned with THC levels in any strain they consider growing for their personal use. THC is the psychoactive chemical compound found in marijuana, and a high-THC strain will have potent effects on your mind. Not everybody loves that, though. Our Green Crack feminized seeds have a THC level of 18 percent. Anything over 20 percent could be considered high in THC, while anything below 15 perhaps would be largely assessed as being low in THC. That leaves our Green Crack marijuana seeds at a moderate THC level. The Flavor And Aroma Of Green Crack Some find the purple streaks and high-resin content of Green Crack make for a beautiful marijuana plant, but the look of your strain doesn’t matter nearly as much as the aroma and flavor profile. You may not spend a ton of time looking at your marijuana plants, but you will be smelling them, both as they grow and when you smoke them. Green Crack has a fruity aroma, specifically a citrus aroma. There is a fruity, earthy scent to be found in this particular cannabis strain. That fruity aroma is tied to the flavor of Green Crack as well. You can sense the taste of tropical fruit when you partake in a bit of Green Crack. An Ideal Strain For A Dose Of Energy While Green Crack feminized seeds may be fairly balanced in terms of sativa and indica content, this is a strain best thought of as an energetic hybrid with long-lasting effects. We would recommend this as a daytime strain, to be sure, given the dose of energy it delivers and the length of time the high tends to provide users. A boost in energy will carry you for hours when you enjoy Green Crack, and some note that in addition to the energizing qualities, there are talkative effects associated with this strain as well. Some use Green Crack when being creative, some use it when having fun with friends. If you like an energetic hybrid with long-lasting effects, Green Crack is a fantastic plant for you. Are Green Crack Feminized Marijuana Seeds Good For Medical Use? Medical conditions related to sleep issues should not be targeted with Green Crack, a strain that can really boost your energy, but also will probably make it harder to sleep if anything else. A bit of energy won’t help there, but the effects of this sativa-leaning strain can help with some issues on the emotional front. Now, marijuana won’t “cure” anything, and we won’t make any claims of that sort. That being said, Green Crack could be an excellent choice for dealing with stress, anxiety, or even depression. Again, we’re talking about alleviation, or a reduction of symptoms, not treatment. Even so, when you are stressed or anxious, being able to tamp that down is beneficial. Green Crack feminized seeds may not be the perfect choice for medically-minded users, but it can help you with some emotional concerns if it happens to be a strain you love. In terms of a happy experience, this strain is better for recreational use, but your own personal experience may be different. If you want to give it a shot, go for it! Growing Plants From Green Crack Feminized Seeds Cannabis is, in general, a resilient plant, so it is easier to successfully grow cannabis than many other plants. Having said that, some strains are easier to grow than others. Fortunately, Green Crack is a fantastic plant for cannabis growers of all experience levels. This is a truly easy strain to grow, even for beginners. After a flowering time of 6-8 weeks, you can expect a solid yield at harvest time. Indoor growers should get 450 to 550 grams per square meter, while your outdoor yield should be roughly 550 to 650 grams per plant. Are you new to growing your own cannabis plants? Then Green Crack feminized seeds could be perfect for you! Get Quality Seeds From Growers Choice We want to give you a happy experience as a marijuana grower. Our feminized cannabis seeds are lab-tested and hand selected, and we offer discreet shipping and a germination guarantee on every order as well. If you like Green Crack conceptually, but maybe want to consider something different, these five strains are fine selections to complement, or replace, Green Crack in your rotation. Flo: Flo is a low-THC strain that also is a scion of Afghani, an old-school offering for those who don’t want to get too high. Charlie Sheen: This strain is effectively a flip of Green Crack, in that it leans indica as opposed to sativa, though otherwise, it’s in a similar profile. Durban Poison: Another strain with an ominous name, if you want energy, Durban Poison is a pure sativa that will get you revved up. Snoop’s Dream: Named in honor of Snoop Dogg, Snoop’s Dream is interestingly a balanced hybrid that is a favorite of creatives and those who want to relax and get some sleep. Tangie: Sweet and citrusy, Tangie comes in at 22 percent THC and kicks up the sativa percentages a bit more compared to Green Crack.


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