Grapefruit Feminized Seeds


Pungent, sweet, and quick to flower, Grapefruit marijuana is a well-rounded sativa that will invigorate your mind and body for a cheerfully productive day.

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Grapefruit Feminized Seeds Viewed 456 times today. Purchased 87 times today. Purchased 370 times this week. Day or night, Grapefruit marijuana will infuse your body and mind with the kind of euphoric energy that will improve even the most hum-drum activity.  A Sativa-dominant hybrid with a smell and flavor that will excite your taste buds, the cerebral high of Grapefruit marijuana is potent and geared towards melting away the stresses and tension that can keep you from being productive. Grapefruit invigorates like a great cup of coffee without the anxiety of caffeine – an effect considered useful for patients treating stress, anxiety, and other conditions that affect their mental health. It can also be useful for reducing pain and soothing the symptoms of PMS.  Grapefruit marijuana can be considered an easier strain to work with, as the short, bushy plant boasts a quick flowering period. Grapefruit can be grown both indoors and out and prefers a humid climate to enhance the bold profile of its moderate yield (between 14 and 25 ounces per square meter/plant), which should be ready for harvest after roughly 6 to 8 weeks.


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