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Grape Ape cannabis seeds bring positive vibes to growers of all experience levels. One need not be an experienced grower to get the most out of this particular strain. Grape Ape is considered an easy strain to grow, so beginner growers can give it a shot if they want.

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Grape Ape Feminized Seeds Viewed 382 times today. Purchased 94 times today. Purchased 613 times this week. The cartoon character of Grape Ape has largely been forgotten (other than appearing in Harvey Birdman on Adult Swim, which if you are a marijuana fan you may recall). However, that semi-obscure cartoon ape has given its name to a popular strain with an amazing fragrance and generous yields. If you are looking for a cannabis seed strain to grow at home, Grape Ape Seeds is a fine option that we offer here at Growers Choice Seeds. Grape Ape marijuana plants are enjoyed by people across the globe, so let’s see what this strain is all about. The Makeup Of A Grape Ape Cannabis Plant We know the parent strains of Grape Ape have left us with an indica-dominant strain. It’s a strain that comes in at 80 percent in terms of indica, combined with 20 percent of sativa parentage. The parentage of a plant plays a key factor in the smoking experience. While the name of this cannabis seed strain is inspired in part by the flavor profile, Grape Ape plants are also purple plants. Now, within the world of cannabis, there are some rumors about purple plants. They say purple weed is inherently indicas, or that they are stronger in terms of the high you get. In truth, the genetic composition that yields purple plants comes down to a flavonoid called anthocyanin. The presence of anthocyanin may lead to purple leaves, but it’s purely a matter of coloring. Purple plants aren’t stronger. While Grape Ape is an indica-heavy strain, purple leaves have nothing to do with that. The Sweet Aroma And Fruity Flavors Of Grape Ape Grape Ape’s flavor and aroma play a big role in making these popular cannabis seeds. The scent of ripe grapes hits you hard. It’s a delicious fragrance, but in terms of fragrance, there is more to the story. Sure, the fruity notes are at the forefront, but the candy-like grape aroma is rounded out with some earthiness and skunkiness. That keeps the sweet grape scent from being too cloying. The balance of flavors definitely hits you hard with sweet fruitiness as well. It’s a grape flavor, yes, but something akin to the artificial grape flavor of sugar-sweet candy. Many compare the taste of Grape Ape specifically to a grape Jolly Rancher. Yes, that’s not a “true” grape taste, but it is what many think of when it comes to “grape” as a flavor, and it’s a beloved flavor. Sweet berry flavors can be found in this strain as well. What It’s Like To Use Grape Ape As an indica-dominant strain that is fairly high in THC (it comes in at 21 percent), there are potent effects to Grape Ape. Indicas provide more of a body high, so expect more intense physical effects than cerebral effects. Grape Ape seeds are packed with the potent relaxation effects of indicas, which chill you out as opposed to revving you up like sativas. The hint of sativa in this indica-heavy strain may prevent total couch lock, but do expect sedative effects from Grape Ape, and plan accordingly. This is not a strain for being active and creative. Grape Ape is for chilling out, relaxing, and maybe enjoying some snacks. The strain is known to induce hunger, perhaps for some candy given the circumstances. if you are looking for potent relaxation effects from your cannabis strains, look no further. Is Grape Ape A Good Therapeutic Strain? These are indeed popular cannabis seeds for medically-minded marijuana users. This is a beautiful weed plant for those dealing with aches and bodily discomfort. In fact, it can help with several physical ailments, such as muscle spasms, cramps, headaches, and more. If you struggle to sleep, a potent indica like this one can be quite beneficial. Does your mind race at night? Grape Ape could give you some mental relaxation that helps you turn off your brain and get to bed. For pain relief and sleep help, Grape Ape seeds are a fine selection. Is It Easy To Grow Grape Ape? Grape Ape cannabis seeds bring positive vibes to growers of all experience levels. One need not be an experienced grower to get the most out of this particular strain. Grape Ape is considered an easy strain to grow, so beginner growers can give it a shot if they want. We’d definitely recommend Grape Ape to those who are new to growing their own marijuana plants. These medium-height plants are also bushy plants, so be prepared to do plenty of trimming to get the bountiful yield you hope for. You do tend to get an above-average crop from Grape Ape compared to other strains. Indoor cultivation brings an average yield of 500 grams per square meter, while outdoor cultivators tend to bring in 600 grams per plant. All in all, Grape Ape marijuana seeds are a fine choice for skill levels across the board. Get Grape Ape Feminized Seeds Even experienced cultivators know they want to start with quality marijuana seeds. That’s what Growers Choice Seeds provides. We also offer fully-feminized seeds for all our strains. Why do you want feminized weed seeds? Well, only female plants have buds in the marijuana family. The buds are where almost all the THC is found. If you want to feel those delightful, relaxing Grape Ape effects, you need female plants, and thus you want feminized seeds. In addition to male marijuana plants not having buds, if a male plant shows up in your growing space, it will pollinate your female plants, and that’s going to mess up your harvest. You can get Grape Ape feminized seeds shipped to you, but we offer quality marijuana seeds for so many great strains. if you like Grape Ape, here are five other strains to consider as well. 1. Cotton Candy Kush: If you like candy with notes of earthy cannabis, then Cotton Candy Kush could be for you. This is a balanced hybrid, and we offer this strain with auto-flower seeds, meaning these plants will flower automatically based on the age of the plant. 2. Pineapple Express: Another strain with a name indebted to pop culture, Pineapple Express is no gimmick. It’s a high-THC strain known to pack a punch and bring a pleasant, balanced experienced great for daytime use. 3. Grapefruit Diesel: Some call Grapefruit Diesel a “jack of all trades,” in that it runs the gamut of effects. It’s also known for an abundant harvest, including up to 550 grams per outdoor plant. 4. Blue Mango: Blue Mango is a sweet strain that is easy to grow, but it also comes in at 18 percent THC, making for a less potent high, which is what some marijuana users are looking for. 5. Harle-Tsu CBD: Since we mentioned the medical benefits of Grape Ape, we figured we’d end with a true medical strain. Harle-Tsu is sweet, but it also has basically no THC in it but high levels of CBD. That makes it great for relaxation and dealing with muscle pain, but with effectively no high whatsoever.


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