Golden Ticket Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds


If Willy Wonka was a cannabis breeder, then Golden Ticket is the winning ticket to a land of wonders and delights.

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Golden Ticket Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 493 times today. Purchased 53 times today. Purchased 354 times this week.   Usually available in clone-only form, Golden Ticket cannabis seeds are a rare item indeed that you can now easily acquire from Growers Choice Seeds. Golden Ticket is a 50/50 delicacy that provides users with the ultimate balanced high. It is the offspring of Golden Goat and Face Off OG, and is not to be confused with a similarly named strain that is the resultant cross of Chernobyl and Unknown.    What are the effects of Golden Ticket cannabis? Relaxed Uplifted Creative With Golden Ticket cannabis seeds, you’ll be able to easily grow a perfectly-balanced hybrid that contains 20% THC. If Willy Wonka has been a cannabis breeder, then Golden Ticket cannabis is the winning ticket to a land of wonders and delights that Charlie and his friends would’ve had to wait until they were much older to experience. Golden Ticket ‘s high creeps in with an uplifting cerebral ascent that over the course of 30 or so minutes steadily fills users with a sense of euphoria and creative energy. As this surge gloriously builds, it erases negative thoughts and feelings and lifts the moods. Its clear-headed cerebral effects allow thoughts and ideas to freely run their course without overwhelming users. All of which make Golden Ticket an excellent wake-and-bake option that could raise even Grandpa Joe from his bed. As time passes, its physical effects take hold by softly soothing out tautness in the body and leaving users feeling relaxed and calm without locking them to the couch. When used in moderation, Golden Ticket is a wonderfully versatile strain that can help stimulate and motivate you to go about your day with renewed vim and vigor all whilst feeling quite chill. However, when used in excess, it does have the potential to leave you lying in your bed like Charlie’s other three grandparents.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Golden Ticket cannabis? This upbeat and lively hybrid may be of great aid to those who are needing some real respite from stress and depression thanks to its upbeat effects. Furthermore all of these traits also have the potential to help those dealing with fatigue get the recharge they need. As a painkiller, Golden Ticket is said to alleviate chronic pain, hypertension, headaches, migraines, and general muscle aches. It is also reported to serve as an appetite stimulant, which may be of great benefit to those struggling with eating disorders.   What does Golden Ticket taste like? Golden Ticket is one of those strains whose flavor is as incredible as its aroma. Its flavor profile is that of sweet, tangy lemons and limes accented by tart skunky undertones.  When combusted, Golden Ticket is a smooth smoke that has a most enjoyable sweet and citrusy aftertaste that stays on the tongue for a long time after.   How do I grow Golden Ticket cannabis seeds? Golden Ticket is rated an easy grow, which makes it an excellent option for first-time and novice growers. Plus, since all Growers Choice Seeds are feminized this means you won’t have to use any pre-germination or Low-Stress Training methods to encourage female plants or keep your plants from turning into hermaphrodites, which is usually the case for those who manage to acquire Golden Ticket seeds as they are generally sold in regular form. Instead, with Golden Ticket feminized seeds, your chances of ending up with male or hermaphrodite plants is only in the 10% or so range. Golden Ticket can be grown outside in a warm, semi-humid climate. Indoors using the Sea of Green or Screen of Green methods are encouraged, and though Golden Ticket will grow fine in soil, using hydroponics is even better.    What do Golden Ticket cannabis plants look like? Interestingly, depending on the phenotype, Golden Ticket plants can either grow to be quite bushy like an indica or tall like a sativa. True to its name, Golden Ticket’s large, round pale green buds have a yellowish hue to them with a thick furry coating of yellow and orange pistils. Finally, its chunky nuggets are heavily covered in a blanket of highly resinous trichomes that leave a sticky residue on your fingers if you break them apart by hand.   When to harvest your Golden Ticket cannabis plant When grown indoors, Golden Ticket produces an average-sized harvest of around 300 grams per square meter in anywhere from 8-10 weeks. However, using hydroponics may help to shorten its growing time. Cultivated outside, this evenly-balanced hybrid is usually ready for the picking in October with an approximate yield of 350 grams per plant. Similar cannabis strains to Golden Ticket Golden Goat this fabulous sativa-dominant hybrid is one of Golden Ticket’s parent strains Face Off OG this hard-to-come-by indica-dominant hybrid also claims Golden Ticket as an offspring Chronic this “living legend” is also a 50/50 hybrid Critical Jack an invigorating, happiness-inducing strain that’s also an evenly-balanced hybrid Magnum a unique strain that’s also perfectly balanced  


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