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Golden Goat seeds make for a strong sativa that gives users a heady buzz with tons of euphoric effects. Throw in some calming effects, and the combination works great day or night.

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Golden Goat Feminized Seeds Viewed 462 times today. Purchased 75 times today. Purchased 556 times this week. The name might sound a bit cutesy and fun, but the golden goat strain, also known as the Bruce Banner strain, is serious and very much the real deal. Once you get your hands on it, you’ll wonder where it’s been your whole life since these seeds provide all-around effects for body and mind, day or night. The Hawaiian-Romulan x Island Sweet Skunk hybrid is one of the most potent cannabis strains to linger well beyond your last hit! What Is The THC Content Of Golden Goat Seeds? The THC content of Golden Goat cannabis varies, and that largely depends on a few factors such as environmental conditions, cultivation practices, and the expertise of the grower. In general, Golden Goat has moderate to high THC levels, ranging from around 16% to 23%, and could be higher in some cases. Besides the amped-up THC level, this sativa-dominant strain contains 65% sativa and 35% indica, which blend oh-so-well to give you everything you need plus some. Thanks to the buzzy sativa portion of this sativa-dominant hybrid, you get that cerebral high that makes you happy, without a worry in the world. If that feeling is a bit overwhelming, don’t fret because the indica adds that balance to calm the body. As a result, you get an ideal choice for day or night. For example, Golden Glow doesn’t give you a hard-hitting high, but instead, one that’s a gradual build-up that lasts about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. While you start off with energetic and uplifting effects, you soon get hit with powerful cerebral effects that leave behind a blissful feeling from head to toe. Another great option is Trainwreck Haze. It’s a highly potent sativa-dominant hybrid strain with enough THC between 19% and 24% to make you feel like a train hit you! But, don’t worry, you’ll still feel calm and relaxed enough to not be too out of it.! What Are The Energizing Effects Of The Golden Goat Bruce Banner Strain? The Golden Goat Bruce Banner strain is famous for its energizing and invigorating effects, making it a favorite for anyone seeking a daytime boost. The initial boost will have you ready to laugh, giggle, and smile — you won’t have a thing to be down about! All of that euphoria will have you on top of the world. Although it’s uplifting, this strain is also relaxing. It provides enough calmness to make it perfect for social situations where you need to socialize and interact. That’s right — you’ll be able to play well with others! Not only will be more sociable, but you’ll also get a noticeable increase in creativity. Really, what more could you ask for?! What Are Feminized Seeds? Golden Goat feminized seeds are a popular choice for those who want to get the most out of their cannabis seeds. These seeds are known to produce a female plant that’s guaranteed to grow this top strain. That’s because this strain is perfectly cultivated to provide consistent results. It’s no wonder that Golden Goat feminized seeds are a favorite among medical users. They can count on these seeds to provide the perfect strain, ideal for an assortment of issues to promote well-being and provide positive cannabis experiences. Medical users will be left feeling their best thanks to all of Golden Goat’s goodness! What Happens During The Flowering Stage? Once you get your hands on these cannabis plants, you need to know how to grow them, right? Yes, that’s pretty important if you’re ready for some world-class marijuana! When you grow this marijuana strain indoors, you can expect cannabis flowers in about 9-11 weeks, whether grown indoors or outdoors. You’ll get a yield of around 450 grams per plant when you grow it indoors and 400 grams when grown outdoors. To get an optimal yield, you need to make sure your marijuana seeds are grown in the best possible conditions. For indoor cultivation, this entails utilizing the Sea of Green technique. Since golden goat is a tall plant, this method allows you to place seeds about a foot apart so you can plant them wall to wall. You can also change the lighting schedule to allow the blooming stage to come earlier. The plan is to give you as much as possible of one of marijuana’s beloved strains, which means more world-class weed for you! If you’re into outdoor cultivation, you need consistent sunlight to ensure your cannabis seeds grow to their full potential. Golden goat thrives in a Mediterranean climate, so the more sunshine the better. During the vegetative state, you’ll be amazed by this strain’s amazing growth and beautiful flowers. Here’s another tip — for best results, you might want to try organic soil to provide this plant with the clean, all-natural nutrients it needs to grow up strong and healthy! How Do You Grow Golden Goat Seeds In A Controlled Environment? If you need to grow your cannabis seeds in a controlled environment, you’re in luck because golden goat seeds take to it very well. One of the most important aspects is to maintain an average temperature of 70-80°F. Plus, your plants will thrive better in lower humidity levels with plenty of space to grow. You also need to ensure you have a balanced nutrient regimen that coincides with the plant’s growth. Sweet and delicious Exotic tropical flavors Fruity notes Earthiness One of the best things about this strain is its deliciously irresistible sweet flavor that you’ll find impossible to want to put down. With a taste of exotic tropical fruit, you’ll feel like you’re in the tropics. Once you start enjoying this strain, you’ll taste citrusy elements like lemon. And, that’s not all — you’ll also get hints of earthiness to provide a complex flavor profile. Each time you take a hit, you’ll get different notes that all work in harmony with one another! It’s no wonder that this strain is a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts! Did you know you can enhance the sweetness of this strain as it grows? Well, you can when you maintain both the proper nutrient levels and amount of lighting. This ensures you get maximum sweetness, which you will taste as soon as you light up this potent bud! Speaking of potent, it’s no wonder that its aroma is pungent — as it should be! Whether growing or blowing, this strain fills any space with a tangy sweetness that’s just as scintillating as its taste! What Is An Island-Sweet Skunk Hybrid Strain? One of the most popular strains is the island sweet skunk hybrid strain, which is a true hybrid. This sativa-dominant hybrid was born when Skunk #1 was crossed with Sweet Pink Grapefruit. Mix them all together and you get this uniquely powerful strain that’s another favorite among medical users due to its potency. As you might have imagined, the island’s sweet skunk is bursting full of the sweet and sour flavor of grapefruit to give you some citrusy goodness. Besides sweet, you also get that skunky, funky flavor that balances out this marijuana. With 80% sativa, you get energizing effects that will revive even the most tired of bodies and boost low moods. Plus, with THC around 16% to 25%, you’ll get that perfect high. Nothing more, nothing less! When you turn to Growers Choice for golden goat seeds, you can’t go wrong since you can rest assured they are of the highest quality. With competitive pricing, fast shipping, and world-class customer service, there’s nowhere else to go. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the strain reviews for yourself! 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