God’s Gift Feminized Seeds


Deliciously sweet and easy to grow, God’s Gift marijuana proves a fan favorite from the moment you plant til the vibrant, potent buds are ready for harvest.

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God’s Gift Feminized Seeds Viewed 301 times today. Purchased 79 times today. Purchased 427 times this week. It’s true that the same may be said of every strain, however, God’s Gift marijuana is a stand-out indica that fast become a favorite among the medical marijuana community for its potency and ability to bring comfort and relief in spades. A hefty indica boasting both a high THC content (26%) and a helping of CBD (1%) God’s Gift marijuana is a deeply relaxing strain, ideal for delivering peacefulness and calm. It’s prowess is pain relief and sedation, both characteristics which are extremely useful for patients. Of course, with these levels of THC, mood uplifting happiness is a given, and you’ll find a smile on your face as you drift into a restorative sleep. On the nose and palette, God’s Gift is wonderfully sweet, with strong notes of grape, earth and spice, and an aroma that can linger. Developing into relatively short plants with deep purple buds, God’s Gift marijuana seeds are a dream to cultivate, making this delicious strain ideal for beginner growers, providing they offer lots of nutrients to allow the plant to flourish. God’s Gift has a flowering period of around 8 to 9 weeks, and will offer roughly 10 ounces of fragrant and potent bud come harvest.


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