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One can only speculate if God Bud, the exclusive and in-demand 50/50 hybrid, comes from the fabled Garden of Eden itself.

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God Bud Feminized Seeds Viewed 351 times today. Purchased 51 times today. Purchased 526 times this week.   While one can only speculate if God Bud cannabis seeds come from the fabled Garden of Eden itself, what is known for certain is that they produce an exclusive strain loved by medical and recreational users everywhere. This evenly-balanced hybrid has captured many awards in its time, including the esteemed 2004 High Times Indica Cup. God Bud is the enjoyable-to-use offspring of landrace strain Hawaiian and Purple Skunk.    What are the effects of God Bud cannabis? Relaxed Happy Euphoric With God Bud cannabis seeds, highly-skilled cultivators will be able to grow a chic 50/50 hybrid that contains 21% THC. God Bud cannabis begins with an ascendant cerebral high that’s simultaneously calming and euphoric in its effects, giving users a positively satisfying buzz that emanates happiness from within and without effort. Its indica side is gently relaxing, allowing you to fully enjoy God Bud’s joyfully serene cerebral effects without inducing physical heaviness. Used in higher doses, God Bud can induce a wonderful sleepy sensation that will eventually have you smiling peacefully as you drift off to sleep.   What are the therapeutic benefits of God Bud cannabis? If God is real, then they would definitely take credit for this hybrid that gifts medical users with heavenly respite from various mental and physical health issues. God Bud has the divine potential to alleviate chronic stress, depression, anxiety,  general moodiness, and a sense of being weighed down by negative thoughts and feelings. It’s also rated highly effective in providing patients with relief from chronic pain, muscle spasms, joint aches, migraines and chronic headaches, and arthritis. Used in high enough doses, it should also work to combat insomnia.   What does God Bud taste like? While saying that God Bud tastes of having entered the Promised Land might be a bit hyperbolic, its tropical and citrus notes, inherited from its parent strain Hawaiian, do conjure thoughts of being whisked away to a palm tree-lined island in paradise. Accompanying its fruity flavors are those of earth and a wonderful and surprising element of chocolate.   How do I grow God Bud cannabis seeds? As mentioned above, God Bud is a strain reserved for those who are expert cultivators. Something that master growers are bound to appreciate is the fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized. This high-maintenance hybrid can be grown both in and outside, where indoors it will do well in soil or a hydroponic setup. Skilled cultivators will need to keep an eye on God Bud’s nutrient levels as it requires the right mix of nutrients to achieve its full potential.   What do God Bud cannabis plants look like? God Bud shows its indica genetics in its short height and its sativa side in the structure of its buds that are quite fluffy. God Bud’s resinous nuggets may conjure the infamous Burning Bush from religious texts with its fiery orange hairs. The amount of trichomes coating its buds are so plentiful and thick that they can make God Bud appear to be white in coloration from a distance.   When to harvest your God Bud cannabis plant Another reason that God Bud is often called an “exclusive” strain is the fact that it produces small yields that, as a result, create a much higher demand due to how difficult it is to grow, making its supply more limited. Cultivated indoors, God Bud should produce a yield of about 150 grams per square meter in 7-8 weeks. Outdoors, you can look for God Bud to flower in the late summer and be harvest-ready sometime in mid- to late-October with a yield of 100 grams per plant.   Cannabis strains similar to God Bud Hawaiian this tropical, sativa-leaning treat claims God Bud as one of its offspring Purple Skunk this near-pure sativa that packs a powerful, buzzing cerebral high is God Bud’s other parent strain White Diamond a treasure worth unearthing that’s also a 50/50 hybrid Killer Queen another 50/50 hybrid that’s an extraordinary wake-and-bake strain God’s Gift sometimes confused for God Bud, but completely different in its effects as a near-pure indica that’s very easy to grow


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