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Ghost Train Haze comes in at a whopping 25 percent on the THC front. That is at the upper echelon of what you will find in most cannabis seed strains. There are a few strains with more-abundant levels of THC, but a couple of those almost fall into the “novelty strain” bucket, and aren’t really strains used with any regularity, as opposed to Ghost Train Haze, which is legitimately a popular weed strain.

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Ghost Train Haze Feminized Seeds Viewed 490 times today. Purchased 51 times today. Purchased 676 times this week. Are you on board with the idea of a potent strain that has taken home cannabis awards around the globe, then Ghost Train Haze is the marijuana strain for you. The effects of Ghost Train Haze are prized by cannabis connoisseurs around the globe, so if you buy cannabis seeds to grow your own plants, this is one of the strongest strains you can find. A Potent Sativa-Dominant Strain Packed With Amazing Effects Like most cannabis varieties these days, Ghost Train Haze is a hybrid strain. Specifically, this is a sativa-dominant hybrid, with 80 percent of its parentage being sativa and the remaining 20 percent being indica. The child of Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck, this popular creation is beloved by the THC lovers out there. When many marijuana users are checking out cannabis strain profiles, they often focus on the THC level. That is because THC is the chemical compound found in marijuana plants that make it psychoactive. Any weed strain that comes in over 20 percent in terms of THC is what we would call a strong strain. What Is The Flavor And Aroma Of Ghost Train Haze? The pungent aroma of this cannabis seed strain matches the punch of THC you’ll find in these plants. This is a weed strain visually characterized by frosty trichomes that cover the buds, a layer of frost uncommon in sativa-dominant hybrids. The crystallized trichome coating is distinct looking, but it also plays into the distinct aroma of Ghost Train Haze marijuana plants. There is a bit of a floral aroma, akin to an earthy aroma, and some find spicy aromas in the plant as well. However, the fruity, citrusy aroma of Ghost Train Haze is what stands out first and foremost. That citrus aroma is telling in terms of what this strain profile delivers in terms of taste. Flavors of citrus dominate, but the mix of flavors includes a bit of earthiness as well. The Effects Of Ghost Train Haze When You Use It The dominant effects associated with sativa strains involve energizing you and boosting your mood. These are uplifting strains, and sativas are known more for their heady highs. Some credit sativas with euphoria-driven cerebral effects, and that is the exact description some give to the experience of using Ghost Train Haze as well. As a high-THC sativa-dominant hybrid, this cannabis seed strain can make you feel energized and ready to be productive. That makes for a good daytime strain, though we’d recommend avoiding Ghost Train Haze at night, as it will likely have a negative effect on your ability to sleep. Also, if you overindulge, another negative effect you might feel is the edgy, distracted sensations of too much THC mixed with too much sativa. Ghost Train Haze’s Status As A Medical Strain Recreational use of Ghost Train Haze is common, but what about the medical users out there? Many turn to marijuana for medical reasons, and those people need strains that are particularly helpful with certain medical conditions. There are good medical strains that may not be right for you, depending on what you are dealing with. The distinct qualities of Ghost Train Haze do help some medical users. Those with chronic pain conditions often turn to Ghost Train Haze, and it can also help with muscle spasms, migraines, cramps, and more. Additionally, the medical properties of Ghost Train Haze’s strain profile also can boost your mood. If you struggle with chronic stress, or perhaps even anxiety and depression, Ghost Train Haze could help. Now, it isn’t going to “cure” anything related to mental health, but seasoned medical users know that isn’t the goal. It’s about feeling better so you can go about your day. What Is It Like To Grow Ghost Train Haze? We’d only recommend Ghost Train Haze to experienced growers. It’s a little too temperamental for beginners, and it is also a difficult strain for outdoor growers, as it needs a specific climate. Unless you live somewhere akin to the traditional Mediterranean climate, you’ll be better off growing Ghost Train Haze indoors. The average yield of Ghost Train Haze is also not terribly robust. Indoor growers can expect about 300 grams per square meter, while outdoor growers, in the right climate, can get 400 grams per plant. That’s not a bad yield, to be sure, but there are many strains that comfortably top Ghost Train Haze’s typical yield. If you want to give Ghost Train Haze and its abundant levels of THC a try, you can get fully-feminized seeds for this strain delivered by Growers Choice Seeds. You want Ghost Train Haze feminized seeds because only female marijuana plants have buds, which is where almost all the THC is found. If you want all that THC that this strain provides, you need female plants. There are other strains you can get seeds for right now from Growers Choice Seeds. Here are five similar strains to check out: 1. Ghost OG: We’ll start with one of the parent strains of Ghost Train Haze. Ghost OG has high THC levels, but interestingly, it’s an indica-dominant hybrid, meaning it is relaxing and felt more in the body. 2. Jack Herer: An old-school, award-winning strain, Jack Herer is more on the balanced side, but it leans toward sativa parentage. It has a similar flavor profile to Ghost Train Haze, but if you care about abundance, the outdoor yield of Jack Herer is around 600-800 grams per plant. 3. Orange Haze: Citrus flavors and sativa dominance power Orange Haze, a popular wake-and-bake strain you can have in lieu of orange juice in the morning. 4. Bruce Banner: If you like THC, Bruce Banner comes in at 25 percent, just like Ghost Train Haze. However, if you want a balanced hybrid instead of a sativa-dominant hybrid, then this strain is the one for you. 5. Sour OG: It’s sour, instead of sweet, but Sour OG is a potent strain that is a 50/50 hybrid, and it gives you a slightly better yield than Ghost Train Haze as well.  


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