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Ghost OG is a delightful, never frightful, indica-heavy experience that delivers uplifting cerebral and physical relaxation without overwhelming.

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Ghost OG Feminized Seeds Viewed 493 times today. Purchased 82 times today. Purchased 436 times this week.     Boo! For a delightful, never frightful, indica-heavy experience, make sure to add some Ghost OG cannabis seeds to your order today. Ghost OG is a potent hybrid with a 75:25 indica/sativa ratio. It’s a Cannabis Cup-winning strain descended from two illustrious parent strains—OG Kush and Afghani—that’s truly a real “OG.”   What are the effects of Ghost OG cannabis? Relaxed Happy Uplifted Creative With Ghost OG cannabis seeds you can grow you and your boo (*pun intended*) some creamy and citrusy, sweet-tasting plants with a THC content of 23% that, while quite high, is rarely overwhelming. When used in moderation, powerful Ghost OG cannabis delivers a total cerebral and physical experience that fully relaxes and sedates without leaving you feeling like you are no longer physically or mentally your own. Of course, as with any strain, if you choose to exceed your tolerance level, then the impact of Ghost OG could become discombobulating and overpowering. Aside from being a potently soothing strain, Ghost OG is also considered to be one of the top mood boosters available. Its uplifting high combined with its immense relaxation makes for an incredibly happy and deeply tranquil time that you’re sure to experience from head to toe and in both mind and body. Many users, especially artistic types, also say that due to how effectively Ghost OG clears negative and chaotic thoughts and feelings and replaces them with that of positivity, levity, and clarity, they are able to think more creatively.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Ghost OG cannabis? Ghost OG’s recreational benefits easily translate to benefiting medical users. For example, its provision of tension-relieving, upbeat, chaos-clearing, good vibes can serve to help patients who are suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, and ADHD find respite. Ghost OG’s indica side means it has the potential to alleviate chronic pain, muscle spasms, joint aches, headaches and migraines, and PMS-related symptoms. Its ability to restore loss of appetite and soothe nausea. If you were to increase your usual dosage, then Ghost OG may also work to effectively combat insomnia.    What does Ghost OG taste like? While some incredibly popular strains have the drawback of being rather unpleasant in the smell and/or taste department(s), Ghost OG does not suffer from either of those drawbacks. In fact, quite the opposite is true with this delectable hybrid that’s well loved for its tasty blend of sweet orange, lime, and lemon, combined with earthy notes and strong kushy traits inherited from its parent strain, OG Kush.   How do I grow Ghost OG cannabis seeds? Something that’s sure to delight cultivators of all skill levels from newbies to experts is that not only are all Growers Choice cannabis seeds feminized, but Ghost OG is rated as an easy strain to grow. This is due to the fact that it will do well both inside and out; is resistant to common molds, mildews, and diseases; and is just an all-around, low-maintenance hybrid to cultivate. If you are opting to grow Ghost OG outside, it does best in a sunny and warm Mediterranean-like climate.   What do Ghost OG cannabis plants look like? Not only does Ghost OG come in a rainbow of flavors, it also has quite an array of colors that it proudly displays.  Medium in height when fully grown, Ghost OG is something of a proud peacock with a vibrant leafy showing of greens, yellows, and rich purples all accentuated with shiny orange pistils and a soft dusting of trichomes. When to harvest your Ghost OG cannabis plant Perhaps the only slightly negative thing about Ghost OG is that it’s not the most impressive yielder. However, the fact that it will flower indoors in just 8-9 weeks means that you can plan accordingly so as to have several harvests in one year. Inside, you can anticipate an approximate yield of 350 grams per square meter. Cultivated outdoors, Ghost OG should flower in the late summer and be harvest-ready near the early part of October with a yield of about 250 grams per plant.   Cannabis strains similar to Ghost OG OG Kush this popular, near-evenly balanced hybrid is one of Ghost OG’s iconic parent strains Afghani a legend in its own right, this pure indica landrace also claims Ghost OG as an offspring Sour Kush this indica-dominant hybrid also has OG Kush as a parent strain Presidential Bubba Kush a pure indica that’s related to Ghost OG as they both share OG Kush as one of their parents Flo this unique, award-winning, sativa-dominant hybrid is another that has the bragging rights to having Afghani as a parent strain   


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