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Everyone knows and loves the gelato dessert, but what about the lesser-known Gelato marijuana strain? This evenly balanced sativa/indica hybrid boasts a THC level of around 22% and comes with a sweet aroma that will have you coming back for more (and more, and more).

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Gelato Feminized Seeds Viewed 352 times today. Purchased 52 times today. Purchased 507 times this week. Gelato, the food, is a popular choice for dessert. The frozen Italian treat has many fans. Maybe a sweet tooth isn’t in your repertoire. No, you are a fan of cannabis plants, and many cannabis enthusiasts are over the moon for Gelato, a potent strain with a sweet aroma we think you will love. If you are looking to buy cannabis seeds to grow some of your own cannabis plants, Gelato seeds could be the perfect choice for you! What Is The Physical Makeup Of Gelato Cannabis Genetics? In the world of marijuana strains, you can find some pure sativas and some pure indicas, but most strains are hybrids these days. You can find a sativa-dominant hybrid or an indica-dominant hybrid out there. Gelato, though, brings balance to the world of cannabis seed strains. Gelato strain seeds bought from Growers Choice Seeds bring you a balanced hybrid of 50 percent sativa parentage and 50 percent indica parentage. Then, there are the powerful effects associated with Gelato seeds. When it comes to marijuana, the psychotropic effects are largely based on THC content. That is to say, the more THC in a strain, the more “high” a strain will make you. Gelato marijuana seeds have what you consider an astronomical THC content. Anything over 20 percent in terms of this particular psychoactive cannabinoid content is considered high. The Gelato feminized cannabis seeds at our cannabis seed bank come in at 22 percent THC. That makes for some truly strong effects on the psychoactivity front. If you like being high, we bet you will love Gelato feminized seeds. Gelato Feminized Seeds Flavor And Aroma If you are going to name your strain after a beloved dessert, it better has an alluring aroma and delightful flavor profile. Fortunately, Gelato is a strain that delivers on that front. Many consider the primary scent a citrus aroma, often thought of as smelling like oranges. Hey, Gelato is known for its orange pistils, so it makes sense it might smell of oranges. The aroma profile also contains a hint of an earthy aroma as well. In terms of flavor, you won’t necessarily find anything equivalent to that earthy aroma, but that’s not a bad thing if you want a sweet treat in cannabis form. Gelato has a flavor more akin to a sweet aroma, particularly smelling of sweet berries. To us, a citrus aroma and the flavor of sweet berries definitely feel appropriate for a strain called Gelato. Some marijuana strains have polarizing tastes and aromas. Gelato is much more palatable to most cannabis users. The Mental And Physical Effects Of Gelato Strain Seeds As we noted, Gelato is a balanced hybrid, and those tend to bring balanced effects. However, not every balanced hybrid impacts you in exactly the same way. Part of that is the THC content, of course, as these strain seeds are heavy-duty on the THC front as we noted. This potent strain is a favorite of cannabis users, particularly those looking for mentally energizing effects. The sativa side of Gelato, combined with the high THC levels, makes for a heady high that can hit you fast. Start slowly with Gelato, especially if you aren’t used to high-THC strains. Otherwise, the psychedelic headrush of Gelato could be considered an adverse effect. Marijuana is great when used in a way that is right for you, so be careful when trying a new strain. Because of the energizing effects, Gelato is often seen as a sociable strain, as opposed to strains with heavier sedative effects. There is some relaxation to be found with Gelato, but at least early on, expect a heady, trippy, happy high. Is Gelato Good For Medical Use? Gelato is a strain that is used by some medically minded marijuana users. Particularly, it has been used to deal with pain. That could be acute pain, chronic pain, or even severe pain. Gelato is a strain that can be considered for pain alleviation and severe pain management. If you are interested in an experience of that ilk when it comes to marijuana, Gelato is a strain that you should definitely consider including in your repertoire. Growing Gelato Marijuana Plants Gelato has a blend of flavors to envy and a THC content to admire. It might almost seem too good to be true. For some cannabis enthusiasts, that remains the case, but there is one caveat to include when it comes to Gelato. This is not a strain for beginner growers. No, we would recommend only experienced growers give Gelato a shot. Beginner growers are free to give it a shot! Maybe you have a green thumb and you will nail it! It’s not easy, though, and we wouldn’t want beginner growers to be discouraged because they started with Gelato cannabis seeds and struggled to get the kind of yield they were hoping for. This is a strain best saved for an indoor setup, as it tends to be temperamental about its ideal climate. Gelato yearns for warm and humid conditions. Colder climates are not right for Gelato. There are fortunately a wide variety of cannabis strains out there. You may not have the logistical abilities to help Gelato marijuana plants thrive, and if so, you have other options. Don’t get discouraged! Just get creative! Get High-Quality Seeds for the Gelato Marijuana Strain With a strain that can be more difficult to manage, getting high-quality seeds is even more vital. That’s why you want a reputable seed bank like Growers Choice Seeds on your side. We have top-notch seeds for Gelato and dozens of other strains. We offer fully-feminized cannabis seeds to all our customers, because as experience cannabis growers presumably know, only female plants of the cannabis family have buds, and that is where almost all the THC is found. By feminizing all our seeds, we make it much more likely you end up with female plants each and every time. Treat yourself to some Gelato today! Growers Choice Seeds is ready to help you get your hands on seeds for this delicious, fragrant, potent strain. Strains Similar To Gelato Ice Cream: Ice Cream brings sweetness and creamy flavors to the table, plus the high THC levels that fans of Gelato also enjoy. It’s another dessert treat in marijuana form! Ripped Bubba: This is a balanced hybrid like Gelato, but it’s easy to grow, making it better for newbies. Cinderella’s Dream: Sweet and citrusy, Cinderella’s Dream is a social strain, but it is sativa dominant so it drives things further down that road. Sundae Driver: Another dessert strain, but Sundae Driver is an indica-dominant hybrid, making it a relaxing option. Cream: Cream has, well, creamy flavors, but it is also lower in THC at 16 percent, for those who don’t want to push the envelope on that front.


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