Exodus Cheese Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds


Exodus Cheese gives users the best of both worlds when it comes to experiencing the top traits of sativas and indicas.

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Exodus Cheese Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 458 times today. Purchased 81 times today. Purchased 528 times this week.   Exodus Cheese cannabis seeds have only more recently become commercially available. This means that trying to track down someone with a mature plant for clippings to cultivate this 50/50 hybrid is no longer an issue. Exodus Cheese, aka “UK Cheese” or even “Cheese,” is a classic from which many a celebrated hybrid has been bred. This all-around feel-good hybrid is believed to be a phenotype of Skunk #1.   What are the effects of Exodus Cheese cannabis? Relaxed Focused Creative With Exodus Cheese cannabis seeds you’ll be able to cultivate plants with a mellow 17% THC content. This evenly-balanced hybrid gives users the best of both worlds when it comes to experiencing the traits that people love about sativas and indicas where neither side outweighs the other. As is common for sativa/indica hybrids, Exodus Cheese’s cerebral effects are felt first, in which users feel a pretty much immediate upswing in their mood to the point of feeling giggly. These joyful happy vibes extend to an uptick in creative focus and feelings of bliss.  As the euphoria settles in, the indica side of Exodus Cheese cannabis begins to gently creep in with soothing relaxation. However, don’t let this seemingly subtle effect fool you into thinking that Exodus Cheese lacks the ability to sedate and leave you feeling maybe a little too relaxed, which does serve to keep its cerebral impact from being too overwhelming. Suffice it to say, it’s not uncommon for users to experience couch lock at some point.    What are the therapeutic benefits of Exodus Cheese cannabis? As a mood lifter with a reputation for significantly increasing the happiness level of recreational users, these same traits may serve medical users well in regards to addressing and reducing stress levels and depression.  Along with having the potential to alleviate mental health-related issues, Exodus Cheese may also provide respite from various physical aches and pains both chronic and temporary. Its initial energy boost may help those suffering from fatigue, though once Exodus Cheese’s relaxing effects kick in, energy levels begin to wane.   What does Exodus Cheese taste like? “Unique” and “distinct” are two words that could be used to succinctly describe Exodus Cheese’s blend of flavors. “Polarizing” might even be another one, as folks seem to be sharply divided into one of two camps when discussing Exodus Cheese’s taste in that they either love it or hate it.  Well, “hate” might be too strong of a word, but there are many who find its creamy cheese flavor combined with sour skunky notes to be less than pleasing. Others find its taste to be that of creamy cheese and tart berries that they quite enjoy.  Regardless of which camp one is in, the general consensus is that not liking Exodus Cheese’s taste or smell is not a reason for missing out on using it and enjoying its incredible effects.   How do I grow Exodus Cheese cannabis seeds? When it comes to cultivating Exodus Cheese, being in at least the mid-level range of experience is advised as it will require some maintenance and support. That said, the fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized does make things that much simpler for growers. While Exodus Cheese can be grown outside, it does best when grown inside, provided you can allow it enough space to grow as it tends to produce a lot of branches and side stems that grow like vines. Once its buds start to form you will need to support its upper branches to keep it from sagging.  Due to its structure, using hydroponics and the Screen of Green method is highly recommended. One other tip is to use some kind of air filtration system or odor-blocking carbon filters when growing Exodus Cheese if discretion is important to you as it is quite the odiferous strain.   What do Exodus Cheese cannabis plants look like? Exodus Cheese is a medium-height plant that produces rather unusual and attractive-looking large and tubular-esque buds that don’t look like the typical nuggets. Its loose-leafed nuggets, which is a sativa structural trait, are dark forest green and are threaded through with twisty orange and brown pistils. The buds of Exodus Cheese also have a scant dusting of sticky resinous trichomes that are glimmering and dewy in appearance.   When to harvest your Exodus Cheese cannabis plant All of the hard work you put into cultivating and caring for your Exodus Cheese plants will be more than handsomely rewarded come harvest time. When grown indoors, this strain should enter its flowering stage somewhere between 8-9 weeks, yielding a very generous harvest of 650 grams per square meter. If you decide to grow Exodus Cheese outdoors, you can anticipate an even larger yield of 750 grams per plant near the end of September.   Cannabis strains similar to Exodus Cheese Skunk a likely relative of Exodus Cheese that claims Skunk #1 in their genetics Cheese Auto-Flowering an indica-dominant hybrid that also contains ruderalis.  Blue Cheese an indica-leaning hybrid for fans of sharp and salty cheese-tasting strains Kandy Kush a relaxing, sweet, candy-tasting 50/50 hybrid Cherry Diesel this once limited-edition 50/50 hybrid is sure to delight users


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