Dragon’s Breath Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds


Dragon’s Breath is an exhilarating 50/50 hybrid that will have you feeling both grounded and flying at the same time.

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Dragon’s Breath Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 341 times today. Purchased 74 times today. Purchased 392 times this week.     Although Dragon’s Breath cannabis seeds won’t grant you the title “Mother of Dragons,” they might very well add to your popularity as a cultivator thanks to the soaring effects granted by the plants they become.  Believed to be the resultant cross of two of the most pre-eminent strains around—Northern Lights and Jack Herer—Dragon’s Breath is an exhilarating 50/50 hybrid that will have you feeling both grounded and flying at the same time.   What are the effects of Dragon’s Breath cannabis? Relaxed Uplifted Happy Focused Energized With Dragon’s Breath cannabis seeds, you’ll be able to grow your own pet dragons. Just kidding, you won’t; but you will be able to cultivate an impressive, evenly-balanced strain containing 20% THC. Dragon’s Breath cannabis is a dramatically uplifting hybrid that can quickly extinguish bad moods and down-on-yourself thoughts so that happiness and positivity can rise to the surface of your being. The shift in mindset not only leaves you feeling good and energized but often brings on a creatively inspired state where you feel sharp and focused. Sometimes this eventually shifts into a more quieted state of mind, but even then you’re bound to keep experiencing bouts of euphoria and the giggles. While Dragon’s Breath does have both mentally and physically sedating properties, it’s not to the point that it will send you straight to bed. Instead, it’s just the right amount of body relaxation combined with joyfully blissful and clear-headed cerebral effects.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Dragon’s Breath cannabis? Thanks to Dragon’s Breath’s upbeat and sanguine effects, it has shown itself to be anecdotally effective in treating severe depression. Its positive and soothing vibes combined with cerebral clarity and sharpened focus also mean it has the potential to serve as temporary relief for chronic stress sufferers and those dealing with ADHD. Physical health issues that Dragon’s Breath may help to alleviate or manage are as follows: chronic aches and pains, headaches and migraines, glaucoma, fatigue, GI issues, insomnia, muscle spasms, joint and back aches, as well as insomnia and possibly loss of appetite.   What does Dragon’s Breath taste like? One thing that seems for certain with Dragon’s Breath is that it inherited its skunky and spicy ways from its parent strains.  Combined with these aforementioned flavors are floral notes, a titch of earthiness, sour citrus, and tropical accents. When combusted, Dragon’s Breath tends to leave a more minty and diesel-like aftertaste in your mouth.  If discretion is important to you, do know that this is a very strong-smelling hybrid that isn’t easily masked.   How do I grow Dragon’s Breath cannabis seeds? First off, regardless of the strain(s) you order, all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized. In regards to Dragon’s Breath, it is considered to be pretty easy to grow, where even those with minimal to no experience should be able to successfully cultivate it, thanks in large part to the fact that it’s resistant to common molds, mildews, and pests. Thriving indoors and out, Dragon’s Breath requires a dry, Mediterranean-like setting where it can get plenty of sunshine when nurtured outside. To bring out its purples and blues, you’ll just need to shock it but exposing it to cold, but never freezing, overnight temperatures just before it enters its flowering stage.   What do Dragon’s Breath cannabis plants look like? Mythical dragons are often depicted as being shades of green with various other rich and vibrant hues that vary from species to species. The same is actually true for the very non-mythical and real Dragon’s Breath cannabis plants.  Dragon’s Breath produces large and chunky nuggets, which is in keeping with sativa traits. The buds can come in a vast array of colors and shades of dark and light greens and deep hues of purples and various types of blue. These colorful nuggets, which are thickly coated in a sticky layer of trichomes, are accented with a resplendent and furry netting of dark and curly orange pistils.    When to harvest your Dragon’s Breath cannabis plant Dragon’s Breath provides good, average-sized yields that are easily obtained thanks to how uncomplicated a strain this is to grow. Cultivated inside, it usually takes somewhere between 8-9 weeks to complete its flowering stage before you can reap its 350 grams per square meter. Grown outdoors, Dragon’s Breath can be expected to provide its harvest near mid-October with an approximate yield of 400 grams per plant.   Cannabis strains similar to Dragon’s Breath Jack Herer beloved parent to many a fabulous strain, Dragon’s Breath is also able to claim this nearly-balanced hybrid in its direct lineage Northern Light Auto-Flowering the auto-flowering version of the original Northern Lights strain that’s also a parent to Dragon’s Breath American Haze this ​​popular energetic and creative sativa-dominant strain is a relative of Dragon’s Breath in that they both share Jack Herer as a parent strain J1 this wake-and-bake hybrid is also descended from Jack Herer Green Goddess also known for being energizing, happiness-inducing, clear headed, and focusing in its effects


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