Death Star Feminized Seeds


Climb aboard the Death Star to experience relaxation and a good night’s rest. This indica-dominant strain (around 70% indica/30% sativa) is ideal for evening and nighttime use when you’re free to close your eyes and drift off to dreamland.

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Death Star Feminized Seeds Viewed 422 times today. Purchased 71 times today. Purchased 356 times this week. Death Star is definitely a formidable name for a marijuana strain. How many cannabis plants have names that call to mind a galactic weapon of mass destruction? Don’t worry, though. Cannabis growers who aren’t fans of Star Wars still enjoy this particular weed strain, and it is a popular choice for those in the market for cannabis seeds. Death Star cannabis might be the weed seeds you need. Don’t worry, we’ll talk about this cannabis seed strain without too much talk about the Star Wars movies. We’re here representing the cannabis industry, not as sci-fi movie fans. To paraphrase Obi-Wan Kenobi, though, this is the cannabis strain you’re looking for. Death Star Seeds Are A Powerful Package Sure, we imagine the cannabis breeders who brought the Death Star strain into the world were Star Wars fans, and they wanted to evoke a weapon so powerful that it destroyed an entire planet in a blink of an eye. That’s how you grab eyes in the cannabis market. With that in mind, the Death Star strain lives up to its name in one way. The THC level found in these marijuana seeds packs a punch worthy of the Force. Death Star cannabis plants have THC levels of around 24 to 25 percent. Any cannabis variety over 20 percent is high in THC, and when you start getting up to 25 percent, you are in for some truly intense effects. Hey, there are many marijuana users who prize THC content above all else. If that’s you in a nutshell, then the Death Star strain could be the exact cannabis variety for you! The Makeup Of The Death Star Strain Death Star is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain. The indica genetics of Death Strain cannabis comes in at 70 percent, while the sativa genetics account for the remaining 30 percent. These weed seeds are an excellent choice for those looking for a high-THC, indica-heavy strain. The Death Star strain plays into the hands of those looking for an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain, so if that’s what you are in the market for, there you go. What Is The Aromatic Profile Of The Death Star Strain? Death Star cannabis has a robust flavor and aroma that lives up to the high levels of THC. Many strains out there have names that speak to their scents and tastes, but Death Star is not one of those. It isn’t named because it smells of metal and space lasers. There is a sweet aroma to Death Star cannabis, an aroma with hints of pine, skunkiness, and diesel as well. Now, that makes for a polarizing aromatic profile. An aroma reminiscent of diesel fuel or skunky scents is not for everybody, but to some, these are the most amazing aromas you can find in cannabis. There is a reason why many popular strains have “skunk” in their name. Don’t worry, Death Star cannabis doesn’t taste like gasoline, as it has a citrus flavor more reminiscent of the fruity aroma elements that mix in with the diesel and the skunk aromas. The Effects Of Death Star Seeds Indicas are known for their relaxing effects, and this indica-heavy hybrid cannabis strain is no different. Smoking Death Star cannabis is a quick road to a relaxing experience to be sure. With high-THC levels and a lot of indica in the parentage, Death Star is potent and will knock you off your feet. Definitely save Death Star cannabis for nighttime use, or at least for days when you don’t have anything to do. You will likely experience couch lock with Death Star, and it will punch your ticket to Dreamland. The Medical Prowess Of The Death Star Strain Medical marijuana users are often big fans of Death Star as a strain. In fact, the medical benefits of this particular strain are perhaps what is enjoyed about it the most. You can fight insomnia with Death Star, and the body-heavy high of indicas makes it good for dealing with pain as well. Some say that Death Star wipes out chronic pain like the Death Star wiped out Alderaan. The aromatic cannabis buds of Death Star may be potent, but they are also effective for medical use as well. What Is It Like To Grow Plants From Death Star Seeds? Regardless of your skill level with cultivating cannabis, you can probably handle Death Star plants. This is one of the easier strains to grow, which means even cannabis novices can give it a shot. If you like THC and are new to growing cannabis, then Death Star should definitely be in the mix for your first plants. It’s also a good choice for outdoor cultivation, as it is resistant to molds and mildews that often damage cannabis plants. If you grow your weed indoors, expect an indoor yield of roughly 400 grams per square meter. Outdoor growers get a less-abundant harvest at 350 grams per plant, but if you are an outdoor grower for whatever reason, you increase your chances of cultivation success by going with a strain like Death Star. Death Star Seeds For Sale If you are looking for cannabis seeds for sale, look no further. We offer feminized cannabis seeds for dozens of great strains, including Death Star with all its potent THC and blissed-out indica impact. You only get buds from female marijuana plants, so you hurt your chances of cultivation success by not getting fully-feminized cannabis seeds. Our feminized seeds also come with a germination guarantee if you used our germination guidelines. In addition to buying Death Star seeds, here are five other similar strains to consider working into the mix. 1. Bubba Kush: Kush strains are often indica-dominant, and Bubba Kush is nearly a pure indica, with only 10 percent sativa parentage. However, it also has lower THC levels, in case you like less THC in your strains. 2. Blackberry Kush: Let’s get you a sweet version of an indica-dominant hybrid strain. Blackberry Kush is just that, but also with ample yields, especially for those who grow their plants outdoors. 3. Death Star OG: Obviously, there’s some Death Star in the mix with Death Star OG, which also brings some OG Kush to the party as well. Our version of Death Star OG is of the auto-flowering feminized seeds variety, meaning the plants flower based on age, not light cycle exposure. 4. Grape Kush: A balanced cannabis strain with a fruity aroma, Grape Kush brings the high-THC potency of Death Star, but with a different flavor profile and slightly-different smoking experience. 5. Jedi Kush: We couldn’t resist one more Star Wars reference. if you prefer to be on the light side of the Force, Jedi Kush is a powerful strain, though a bit less powerful than Death Star, and is notably a pure indica to boot.


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