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Deadhead OG gives all the right vibes for chilling or dancing in the fields as your favorite bands play on.

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Deadhead OG Feminized Seeds Viewed 395 times today. Purchased 80 times today. Purchased 471 times this week. Although cultivating Deadhead OG cannabis seeds won’t bring Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead back, its nuggets just might attract some of their fans. This sativa-leaning hybrid is the offspring of parent strains Chemdawg 91 and San Fernando Valley OG Kush (SFV OG Kush). Partake at a music festival and you’ll see why it’s so popular among concert-goers.    What are the effects of Deadhead OG cannabis? Relaxed Happy Euphoric Social Deadhead OG cannabis seeds blossom into plants with an uplifting 24% THC content that’s sure to have you in the right mood for taking in some of your favorite tunes. Deadhead OG cannabis gives all the right vibes for chilling or dancing in the fields as your favorite bands play from the stage. Its initial onset of happiness is almost instantaneous as it raises your spirits and sends you into a state of euphoria, making you want to share these good glowing feelings with good friends in a good social setting. Some users report that Deadhead OG can always bring on creative and inspired thinking. Its indica side works to relax both mind and body, leaving you without a worry in the world. As a note of caution, if you choose to exceed your usual tolerance level Deadhead OG may end up stranding you on the couch. However, if this isn’t the state you’re wishing to be in, it’s easily prevented by using this feel-good strain in moderation.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Deadhead OG cannabis? Already popular among music festival goers, Deadhead OG has steadily been gaining popularity among medical users as well ever since its inception in 2011. Known for being an effective stress and anxiety reliever, Deadhead OG also may be useful to those struggling with depression due to its ability to turn negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones.  Furthermore, Deadhead OG has been garnering a reputation for helping patients who suffer from chronic muscle and joint aches and pains, back pain, and cramps. Its energizing effects may be taken advantage of by those combating fatigue.   What does Deadhead OG taste like? Some users have said that the room-filling smell of Deadhead OG is reminiscent of a fragrant bouquet of flowers that has been doused in gasoline. Fortunately, its rich bouquet of flavors is much more enticing.  When combusted, you’re likely to first notice an earthy and woody taste with complementary hints of pine and diesel. After exhaling, it’s possible you’ll pick up on its more spicy and herbaceous notes that often leave a sweet aftertaste.    How do I grow Deadhead OG cannabis seeds? Deadhead OG is a tenacious and adaptable grower, which makes it an excellent option for cultivators of all levels from new to veteran. Making things that much easier is the fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized. Grown outdoors, Deadhead OG requires a dry and sunny climate in which to thrive and it’s considered just a titch more difficult to grow outside as opposed to indoors.  Inside, Deadhead OG will respond quite well to hydroponics and is considered somewhat easier to take care of in an indoor setting. What do Deadhead OG cannabis plants look like? Unfortunately, Deadhead OG plants–named for followers of The Grateful Dead–do not produce tie-dyed-looking nuggets, which if you think about it could be quite trippy in every sense of the word if this were the case. Instead, Deadhead OG tends to be medium in height when fully grown and produces large buds that are quite resinous and seemingly “furry” with white and orange pistils. All are encrusted in a thick layer of trichomes. When to harvest your Deadhead OG cannabis plant When properly cultivated under the right conditions, Deadhead OG provides sizable yields that should please any cannabis grower. When grown indoors, this hybrid usually takes about 8-9 weeks to enter its flowering stage. Upon harvesting, you can anticipate an approximate yield of 550 grams per square meter. Cultivated in the great outdoors, Deadhead OG should provide a yield of about 650 grams per plant sometime near late September into the early part of October.   Cannabis strains similar to Deadhead OG Bruce Banner #3 a sativa-dominant hybrid with Hulk-like abilities to smash stress, pain, and negative thoughts and feelings that also has a 24% THC level J1 this strain has the same 60:40 sativa/indica ratio as Deadhead OG Tangerine Dream this perfect painkiller for people with busy schedules is also a sativa-leaning strain White Rhino a pure indica that’s also easy for novice cultivators to grow Sunset Sherbert like Deadhead OG, this is a 60:40 sativa/indica that’s likewise easy to grow


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