Darth Vader OG Feminized Seeds


Like the infamous villain himself, Darth Vader OG is very powerful. However, unlike the character, this one provides happiness and sleep.

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Darth Vader OG Feminized Seeds Viewed 361 times today. Purchased 53 times today. Purchased 303 times this week. The Force must be strong with you to have brought you to Darth Vader OG cannabis seeds, which until recently have been near impossible to track down in both seed and clone form. Darth Vader OG, also known as “Vader OG,” is believed to either be the offspring of SFV OG and Larry OG, Purple Kush and Skywalker OG, or OG Kush and Skywalker Kush. Like the infamous Star Wars villain himself, Darth Vader OG is very powerful. However, unlike the character, this indica-dominant strain doesn’t seek to destroy so much as deliver you the realm of deep and peaceful body chill and the galaxy of sleep.   What are the effects of Darth Vader OG cannabis? Relaxed Sleepy Euphoric Once-elusive Darth Vader OG cannabis seeds will grow into dynamic plants with a potent THC level of 23%.  Upon inhaling Darth Vader OG cannabis, users can expect to experience a massive mood swing from feeling down and stressed to experiencing happiness, euphoria, and delight.  However, as a heavily indica-dominant hybrid, Darth Vader OG also wields powerful body-numbing effects that, as some users have put it, make you feel “too lazy to feel elated.” Its physical high is so intense that Darth Vader OG can render you lethargic and ready to close your eyes for the night, as this is definitely not a wake-and-bake, get-things-done kind of strain.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Darth Vader OG cannabis? Containing 75% indica and a high amount of THC, to say that Darth Vader OG has the therapeutic effects of significantly relaxing users, thereby making it useful for treating insomnia, is something of an understatement. Furthermore, the fact that Darth Vader OG is both calming and uplifting means it has the potential to help those who are stressed and or depressed. Darth Vader OG has also been known to provide temporary relief to those who suffer from chronic pain, inflammation, migraines, PMS, nausea, and loss of appetite–the latter two of which can be extremely helpful for those undergoing harsh treatments.   What does Darth Vader OG taste like? The jury is hung on Darth Vader OG’s unique sweet and sour smell, which users are either completely fine with or consider rather unpleasant  Fortunately if you fall in the latter camp, you’ll be relieved to know that Darth Vader OG tastes much better than its aroma. Its flavors include sweet earth, flowers, tart grapes, and herbs, all of which make for a flavorful smooth smoke.   How do I grow Darth Vader OG cannabis seeds? While Darth Vader OG is a bit of a cultivation mystery due to its uncertain lineage and original breeders, one thing that’s for certain is that Growers Choice seeds are feminized. What is known about growing Darth Vader OG is that it should be easy for first-time and novice cultivators to successfully grow. Also, it should do well both in and outside, where outdoors Darth Vader OG requires a warm climate. If you grow it indoors, using hydroponics will likely unlock Darth Vader OG’s potential for explosive and rapid growth.   What do Darth Vader OG cannabis plants look like? It would be really cool if medium-height Darth Vader OG blossomed into buds that are black and helmet-shaped like their namesake. Unfortunately, this is not the case, although Darth Vader OG’s extremely resinous nuggets are quite dark in color with dark green shades and undertones of violet and even sometimes blue.    When to harvest your Darth Vader OG cannabis plant Darth Vader OG harvests aren’t necessarily record-breaking but they also aren’t extremely disappointing in size.  Cultivated indoors, Darth Vader OG should be harvest-ready in as few as 8 weeks, when you can anticipate a yield of around 350 grams per square meter. If you’re able to legally grow Darth Vader OG outside, expect a much bigger yield of approximately 500 grams per plant in the first or second week of October. Cannabis strains similar to Darth Vader OG  SFV OG this pungent, potent, smile-inducing indica-dominant hybrid might be one of Darth Vader OG’s parents  Larry OG another rumored parent strain to Darth Vader OG that’s a euphoric 50/50 hybrid Purple Kush this indica dream is one more possible suspect in the mystery of “Who is Darth Vader OG’s parent strain?” Skywalker OG this tranquilizing indica-dominant hybrid is also regularly speculated to be Darth Vader OG’s parent strain OG Kush the fifth of six different strains that might be in Darth Vader OG’s direct lineage that’s a popular 50/50 hybrid in its own right


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