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For a superior smoking experience, there are few cannabis strain profiles more enticing than the ones that you find in Critical Kush cannabis seeds. This enjoyable strain is better suited for evening use as it contains 80% indica and 20% sativa.

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Critical Kush Feminized Seeds Viewed 442 times today. Purchased 97 times today. Purchased 522 times this week. The Critical Kush strain is a triumph of modern marijuana breeding, with a couple of classic strains blended together to provide a real treat to cannabis growers such as yourself. If you are in the market for a new cannabis seed strain, then Critical Kush seeds could be the perfect choice for you. Two Great Parent Strains Gave Us Critical Kush Seeds There are Critical strains, and there are Kush strains, and sometimes those two things come together. Well, they came together at least this one time. Two popular varieties of marijuana are the known parents of Critical Kush. One of them is Critical Mass, while the other is the iconic OG Kush strain. These cannabis strain types blend well together, particularly for those engaged in at-home cannabis growing. It’s an enjoyable smoke, but it also tends to be a joy at harvesttime. When popular marijuana strains come together to create another strain, it only makes sense for it to also be a popular strain in turn! What Is The Strain Profile Of The Critical Kush Strain? Critical Kush is pretty definitively an indica-dominant strain. This particular cannabis seed strain comes in at 80 percent on the indica front, and 20 percent in terms of sativa. The THC levels are also quite impressive. THC is the psychoactive element of marijuana, and we would classify Critical Kush as a high-THC strain, as it comes in at 21 percent in terms of THC. Not only that, but Critical Mass has a strain profile rife with CBD, which leads to its child being a strain with moderate CBD levels as well. CBD is considered a prize for its health benefits, but it isn’t psychoactive like THC. In fact, even though Critical Kush is a high-THC strain, due to the moderate levels of CBD, it actually isn’t as much of a threat to overwhelm you with THC. Though, as always, overindulging in any strain can have adverse effects, so toke wisely out there! The Pungent Taste And Aromatic Smoke Of Critical Kush Cannabis Plants Critical Kush seeds birth a pungent plant, but one with rich flavors and pleasant scents you might come to really enjoy. It’s earthy, woody, and spicy. A spicy overtone is at the forefront of the aroma, while the strain is known for having what some call the classic Kush taste. The rich flavor comes with a hint of lemon in the mix, and some detect tropical fruit flavors in each puff of smoke. It’s an excellent flavor if you enjoy earthiness with a hint of fruitiness to round all that out. A strong taste, sure, but one that still makes room for subtle complexities. What Is It Like To Use Critical Kush? Due to the dominant nature of the indica parentage in this cannabis seed strain, this is very much a strain for relaxation. By and large, indicas are known for providing powerful relaxation, especially when paired with high levels of THC. On top of the deep relaxation, indicas are felt more in the body than in the brain. Throw in moderate levels of CBD, and you can expect to really feel a sense of relaxation from head to toe. Now, don’t use Critical Kush if you have things to do. It is something of a couch lock strain, which is to say you might find motivation and energy hard to come by. Instead of using Critical Kush as a wake-and-bake strain, it’s much better as a time-for-bed smoke. Definitely keep this one for your late-night smoking repertoire. There’s a reason why it’s better to have multiple strains available at any given time. The Critical Kush Strain Is Excellent For Medical Use Critical Kush is a strain that is quite popular with medical marijuana users. The powerful relaxation that it sends throughout your body makes it a beautiful strain for dealing with chronic pain. As an indica-dominant strain high in THC and moderate in CBD, physical pain relief is a valuable part of the Critical Kush profile. A couple of puffs of smoke can also help you get a restful sleep, even if you struggle with insomnia. If you are interested in the potential medical benefits of marijuana, Critical Kush seeds are a fine choice to give a try. Growing Plants From Critical Kush Seeds We would say that Critical Kush is best for intermediate growers or expert growers, though that’s mostly true for outdoor growers. If you are an indoor grower, this is a plant for beginners to consider as well, though a novice grower may want to wait a bit just in case. We mentioned harvest time before, and if you are an indoor grower, you can expect impressive yields. With indoor growth, you can expect an average yield of 450-550 grams per square meter. Outdoor growers, meanwhile, can also expect an average yield of 450-550 grams per plant. Yes, that is the same expected yield, but outdoor growers tend to get a higher yield than indoor growers do. That’s why we praised Critical Kush for its excellent yield for indoor growers. Grow Female Plants Of Critical Kush At Growers Choice Seeds, we offer feminized seeds for all strains, including Critical Kush. Why do you want fully-feminized seeds? Because in marijuana, only female plants have buds, which is where almost all the THC is found. Modern breeding in the world of cannabis has given up many great strains, however. Here at Growers Choice, we have over 100 strains available in our online catalog. In fact, here are five other strains to consider that are similar to Critical Kush, but offer something slightly different. Hey, getting Critical Kush feminized seeds is great, but why not take advantage of all that variety? 1. Platinum Kush: This Kush strain is easy to grow, and it is earthy in its flavor. What makes it different from Critical Kush is that it has as much THC as any strain. Our version of Platinum Kush comes in at 27 percent on the THC front. 2. Granddaddy Purple: Let’s take the indica to the next level. Granddaddy Purple is a pure indica, ready to wipe you out at the end of a busy day. 3. Godfather OG: OG Kush is more a grandparent to Godfather OG than a parent, but its balanced nature is in the mix. This is the inverse of a medical strain, as it comes in at a whopping 25 percent on the THC front. That’s a huge amount of THC! 4. Grape Kush: Grape Kush is a Kush strain that actually leans sativa. It has high THC levels and a sweet, fruity flavor you might really enjoy. 5. CBD Critical Mass: If you are medically minded, CBD Critical Mass could be perfect for you. This strain took the original Critical Mass and bred it into what we call a medical strain. The CBD levels are moderate, but the THC levels are at only seven percent. That makes it perfect for physical pain relief without anything in the way of a significant high. Not only that, but you can get a huge yield from these plants. We’re talking up to 1,000 grams per plant for outdoor growers!


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