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Considered a “living legend,” Chronic is a perfectly-balanced hybrid offering a high that’s as balanced as this strain is.

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Chronic Feminized Seeds Viewed 365 times today. Purchased 64 times today. Purchased 567 times this week.   Of the notable pop culture things that happened in 1994, like Netscape Navigator being released, Brazil winning the World Cup, the Lion King breaking box-office records, and OJ Simpson fleeing in his Bronco, perhaps the most significant was the perfectly-balanced Chronic hybrid strain being bred. Ok, maybe not THE MOST significant, but in the world of weed, definitely significant. Considered a “living legend,” Chronic is the resultant crossing of Northern Lights, AK-47, and Skunk No. 1. This strain is so solid that in the same year that it was released, it placed 3rd in the High Times Cannabis Cup.   Profile and effects of Chronic With its potent 22% THC level, Chronic cannabis delivers a high that is as balanced as this strain is. Its fragrance is that of spice and hash, and its flavor is skunk, pine, and herb all married together in sweet honey. Chronic’s high, which can last as long as 6 hours, begins with an amped, energetic charge of creativity, exhilaration, happiness, chattiness, and a belly-rousing case of the giggles. When used in higher quantities, Chronic can result in sleepiness, but otherwise provides users with total relaxation, leisureliness, and a desire to raid the kitchen pantry.    Medical benefits of Chronic cannabis Medically, due to Chronic’s 1.8% CBD content, it has the potential to help those who suffer from seizures. It’s also known to be effective in temporarily alleviating depression, stress, loss of appetite, and various aches and pains, as well as combating insomnia.   Growing Chronic cannabis Chronic is easy to cultivate and does best in a semi-humid and warm climate. Whether it’s grown in or outside, growers will want to be conscious of its extremely powerful odor. Grown indoors, it will yield 14-21 oz per square meter in 8-9 weeks, and outdoors it can provide a generous harvest of 25 oz per plant from mid-to-late-October.  


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