Cheese Feminized Seeds


Indica-leaning Cheese is known for its cheese-funk flavor and taste, and for being a super smooth strain to kick back with.

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Cheese Feminized Seeds Viewed 431 times today. Purchased 98 times today. Purchased 484 times this week.   Make sure you take advantage of being able to get some Cheese cannabis seeds from Growers Choice Seeds, as even though it’s been around for decades it’s often only been available in clone form. Cheese is an extremely rare phenotype of Skunk No. 1 that’s a cross between Afghani, Acapulco Gold, and Columbian Gold. It’s known for its cheese-funk flavor and taste, as well as for being a super smooth strain to kick back and relax with.   What are the effects of Cheese cannabis? Relaxed Uplifted Happy You don’t have to be a fromager to be able to easily grow your Cheese cannabis seeds into plants that contain an indica to sativa ratio of 60:40 with a THC content of 18%. If you’re looking to tune in and drop out, Cheese cannabis is the way to go with a high that is in a class all its own. It offers users rapid and lucid, mind-expanding cerebral effects with just the right amount of “stoney” euphoria to accompany things. Before Cheese’s potent body-numbing high takes over, users say that the first thing to hit is a giant wave of elated happiness, followed by the giggles and a rush of creativity. In fact, Cheese’s huge creative boost is probably some of what makes its deeply relaxing, couch-locking physical effects feel more expansive and inspiring than sedating. This mood-boosting, indica-leaning hybrid won’t just have you laid out on your couch happily meandering in your mind, but it will also get your stomach rumbling for sustenance. So, make sure to have some snacks, or maybe even a charcuterie board, close at hand to go along with your Cheese high. Chances are, as Cheese’s high wears on you’ll find yourself ready to hit the hay.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Cheese cannabis? Cheese can be a real boon to medical cannabis users thanks to its clear-headed, upbeat, and soothing effects. For patients who are needing help dealing with and managing their stress, anxiety, mood, and depression levels, Cheese is reported to provide the reset and relief needed. In addition, it is also said to help users experiencing PTSD-related symptoms to get some respite. Cheese’s analgesic effects have the potential to melt chronic pain away, as well as alleviate physical ailments like arthritis, migraines, insomnia, nausea, and loss of appetite.   What does Cheese taste like? Cheese’s cheesy odors are so strong that some say they are even more dominant during its growing stages as opposed to when cured and combusted. So, for those of you who are wanting a discreet outdoor grower, this one might have passer-byers thinking you’ve got blocks of cheddar cheese out in your garden basking in the sun. Cheese has a wonderfully smooth smoke when combusted, and is said to taste of sharp, sweetly creamy, buttery cheese with distinct notes of skunk, herbs, and earth.   How do I grow Cheese cannabis seeds? Cheese, which is highly-resistant to everyday molds and pests, is a very easy strain to grow that is a great option for those who are just starting out with cannabis cultivation for the first time. Plus, since all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, the chances of ending up with male plants is only in the 10% or so range. While Cheese can definitely be grown outdoors in a sunny, mild, Mediterranean-like climate where it provides its highest yields, it is that much more of a low-maintenance crop when grown indoors. Regardless of where you cultivate your Cheese plants, you’ll want to prune them every so often as they can grow to be quite tall.   What do Cheese cannabis plants look like? Cheese plants grow to be quite bushy and pretty tall, reaching potential heights of 5 feet or so. Known for being a generous yielder, its nuggets are incredibly dense in structure, which is a trait common to indicas. Cheese’s buds, which are vibrant shades of light and emerald greens, have thin wiry orange pistils.    When to harvest your Cheese cannabis plant If you decide to grow Cheese inside, you can look for it to provide an above-average sized yield of approximately 400 grams per square meter in about 9 to 10 weeks. If you’re able to grow this indica-leaning hybrid outdoors, you’ll be glad you did when you reap its bountiful harvest of about 600 grams per plant around the middle of October.  Similar cannabis strains to Cheese Skunk No. 1 Cheese is a rare phenotype of this popular 50/50 hybrid Afghani this pure indica is also part of Cheese’s lineage Acapulco Gold this caffeine-like sativa-dominant strain is another that claims Cheese as an offspring Shark Shock this popular indica-dominant hybrid also has Skunk No. 1 as a parent strain M-39 like Cheese, this has a 60:40 indica/sativa ratio and is also descended from Skunk No. 1  


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