Cheese Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds


Cheese is an indica-dominant hybrid, and that remains true even of Cheese seeds with auto-flowering genetics. Our Cheese auto-flowering seeds come in at 50 percent on the indica front, 30 percent in terms of sativa parentage, and 20 percent in ruderalis genetics.

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Cheese Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 353 times today. Purchased 54 times today. Purchased 411 times this week. Hailing from the United Kingdom, the Cheese strain is a rare breed among cannabis strains. Originally, Cheese seeds weren’t a thing, as you needed a clone to get your hand on this pungent strain that yields beautiful plants. However, it is now possible to grow plants from the ground up, conveniently, thanks to Cheese auto-flowering cannabis seeds. Plus, thanks to the genetic makeup of auto-flowering seeds, cannabis growers benefit in multiple ways. Here’s why Cheese auto-flowering cannabis seeds may prove to be an excellent choice for you. The Flavor Profile Of Cheese Plants If the Cheese marijuana strain is known for anything, it’s the pungent aroma and immense flavor. What’s notable about Cheese is that it is effectively just a honing of the strain Skunk #1, without any other specific parent strains in the mix. However, that honing left us with Cheese being a strain that some consider arguably the tastiest strain out there. It really comes down to how you feel about a truly cheesy aroma. People say that this strain smells and tastes like actual cheese. It’s a distinct flavor with a tangy edge many compare to sharp cheddar. No wonder it comes from the United Kingdom, as cheddar cheese comes from that land. These are aromatic plants, so if you engage in indoor growing, be aware of that. It’s a strong strain on the smell front, and even if you enjoy the flavors of real cheese, you may find it an unwanted aroma if it permeates your living space. That’s why many cannabis growers have mitigating factors in place to keep aromas in check. Even if you love the aroma of a particular strain, you may not want to be smelling it all the time throughout your home. What’s It Like To Smoke Cheese? Cheese is an indica-dominant hybrid, and that remains true even of Cheese seeds with auto-flowering genetics. Our Cheese auto-flowering seeds come in at 50 percent on the indica front, 30 percent in terms of sativa parentage, and 20 percent in ruderalis genetics. We’ll get into ruderalis when we discuss what it is like to grow plants from our Cheese seeds. These marijuana seeds have a 17 percent THC level meaning this is a moderate strain in terms of THC content. Other than being a potent strain in terms of the cheesy flavor profile, the other thing that characterizes Cheese as a strain for smokers is how hard and fast it hits. Cheese plays out more like a balanced hybrid, hitting you with the energizing nature of Cannabis sativa plants before knocking you out, perhaps literally, with the effects of Cannabis indica. Users describe swift-hitting uplifting effects at first, often even experiencing euphoric sensations. Be careful, though, because if you overindulge in Cheese the first time you use it, there will likely be adverse effects, especially if you are new to cannabis. After a brief, if intense, heady high, be prepared to grab the nearest chair or even head right to bed. The indica will take over, leaving you with a sense of deep relaxation that will give you a heavy body stone. You may bliss out, find yourself experiencing couch lock, or even drifting off to sleep by this point. Real cheese could never do that! The Medical Benefits Of Cheese When used judiciously, medical marijuana growers can find a lot to like about Cheese. That blissful relaxation can tamp down stress and anxiety, but it can deliver other wellness benefits too. The indica side of Cheese is where it thrives medically speaking. If you have issues with chronic pain or muscle spasms, it could help, and it could also alleviate sleep issues, perhaps even insomnia. Cheese is a choice for evening use, but for daytime medical use, we’d recommend other strains. Growing Cheese Auto-Flowering Plants This is where the ruderalis genetics come into play. Most cannabis plants are photoperiod, and the photoperiod version of any given cannabis plant flowers based on exposure to a specific light cycle. An auto-flowering cannabis plant, on the other hand, flowers based on the age of the plant. That’s often to the benefit of beginner growers. Now, to some, the drawback to auto-flowering strains is that your cannabis crop will have less yield. Auto-flowering plants are smaller than their photoperiod brethren. Here, though, is where Cheese delivers. The original Cheese plants, the photoperiod version of the strain, were bred with the express intention of delivering high yields at harvest time. As such, even Cheese auto-flowering plants provide a yield on par with some photoperiod strains. While an outdoor harvest tends to bring in 250 to 350 grams per plant, indoor growers can expect 400 to 500 grams per square meter. Get Cheese Auto-Flowering Seeds If you have experience consuming marijuana, such that the effects of Cheese aren’t likely to be adverse but are new to growing marijuana, Cheese auto-flowering seeds could be perfect for you. This indica-dominant hybrid delivers in many ways, and at Growers Choice Seeds we deliver, as we offer fast, reliable, discreet shipping around the globe. We also offer fully-feminized seeds as well as a germination guarantee on every order, providing that you follow our germination guide. If you are curious about some other strains out there, these are five that offer something similar to the experience of Cheese, but with enough variation to be intriguing. Nobody says you have to stick to one strain, after all. 1. Blueberry Cheesecake: This interesting hybrid brings the fruity, sweet flavors of Blueberry together with the potency of Cheese. The strain remains at 17 percent THC but is sativa leaning. As a photoperiod strain, it also provides the big yields associated with Cheese. 2. Blue Cheese: If you’d like to kick the THC, and the CBD, up a bit, then Blue Cheese is here for you, and some call it one of the best medical strains out there. 3. Shiva Skunk: If you are intrigued by Cheese, we imagine you aren’t afraid of distinct flavor and aroma profiles in your strains. Shiva Skunk delivers robust skunkiness in an indica-dominant, high-THC package that can take your blissful relaxation to the next level. 4. C4: Cheese flavors can be found in C4, but this balanced hybrid is also known for its high content of both THC and CBD, which is a nice balance in and of itself. 5. Grapefruit Kush: If “buds per plant” is your number-one concern, Grapefruit Kush delivers, and then some. Aside from flavor, it has a similar profile to Cheese, but this photoperiod strain is known to deliver up to 700 grams per plant when grown outdoors.


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