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Evenly balanced Champagne Kush brings on the happiness and social bubbliness, much like drinking a few tall flutes of champagne.

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Champagne Kush Feminized Seeds Viewed 321 times today. Purchased 53 times today. Purchased 573 times this week.   Salut! Here’s to many happy times with all Champagne Kush cannabis seeds can bestow upon you. As soon as you smell, taste, and try Champagne Kush, aka “Champagne,” you’ll understand how it got its name. It’s the offspring of Hash Plant and Burmese Kush and has more prominent sativa properties despite being an evenly-balanced hybrid.   What are the effects of Champagne Kush cannabis? Happy Uplifted Talkative With Champagne Kush cannabis seeds you’ll be able to easily grow plants that contain an indica to sativa ratio of 50:50 and beginner-friendly THC content of 15%. Champagne Kush cannabis, an excellent option for first-time growers and users alike, is a perfectly balanced hybrid that’s incredibly uplifting, upbeat, and cerebrally stimulating—bringing on the happiness and social bubbliness much like drinking a few tall flutes of champagne. While Champagne Kush does provide users with a light, tingling body high that soothes and relaxes, it’s highly unlikely to result in couchlock or sleep and instead eases tensions from the muscles and helps loosen tightness in the body. This 50/50 hybrid definitely leans more sativa in its effects with its mood-lifting head high that leaves users feeling elated, talkative, ready to mingle, and just all around good about the day or evening. Champagne Kush is a very positive kind of strain that’s pretty much the cannabis version of its high-end fermented grape counterpart without having to pop a cork!   What are the therapeutic benefits of Champagne Kush cannabis? Unlike the alcohol, Champagne Kush is said to have several therapeutic benefits that extend beyond the social and recreational to the medical. Its mild potency and evenly-balanced blend of mood-elevating and body calming effects mean that Champagne Kush has the very real potential to alleviate and help manage stress, anxiety, depression, mood swings, and even PTSD-related symptoms. On the physical side of things, Champagne Kush is said to be effective in addressing and providing pain relief to patients suffering from chronic aches and pains, gastrointestinal disorders, nausea, and loss of appetite.   What does Champagne Kush taste like? Named in great part for its aroma and taste, Champagne Kush is about as classy a strain as you can get when it comes to its fragrance and flavor profiles. Smelling akin to the effervescent bubbly it was named for, Champagne Kush offers users a taste that mimics this fine sparkling grape drink as well. Along with its champagne flavor, Champagne Kush also has notes of sweet citrus and sugary berries accented with a dash of hash.   How do I grow Champagne Kush cannabis seeds? Champagne Kush, which can be successfully grown both inside and out, is rated as an easy strain to cultivate, making it accessible to first-time and novice growers. In addition, the fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized means that the chances of ending up with male plants, while not impossible, is highly improbable–hovering somewhere in the 10% or so range. When grown outdoors, Champagne Kush requires a Mediterranean-like climate in which to thrive. Cultivated indoors, this 50/50 hybrid should thrive equally in soil or hydroponics.   What do Champagne Kush cannabis plants look like? Champagne Kush plants tend to mature into plants that are medium in height. This evenly-balanced hybrid is known for producing buds that are various shades of vibrant and medium greens in color and accented with an interlacing of elongated orange pistils. Furthermore, its green and orange nuggets are covered in a soft dusting of crystal trichomes.   When to harvest your Champagne Kush cannabis plant While Champagne Kush doesn’t produce the largest indoor yields, its outdoor yields are almost twice as large. As such, if you’re able to grow this 50/50 hybrid outside in an environment that’s conducive to its needs, you definitely should. Grown inside, this hybrid should be ready to flower in about 9-10 weeks and should provide an approximate harvest of 280 grams per square meter. Cultivated outside, Champagne Kush should provide a much larger yield of around 450 grams per plant usually sometime between late September and early October.   Cannabis strains similar to Champagne Kush Hash Plant this classic indica-dominant hybrid with its laid-back, sleepy high is one of Champagne Kush’s impressive parent strains Burmese Kush this fragrant and smooth, mild yet potent 50/50 hybrid can also lay claim to being one of Champagne Kush’s parent strains Clementine this slightly sativa-dominant hybrid is another that’s uplifting both mentally and physically Plushberry like Champagne Kush, this is also a 50/50 hybrid known for surrounding users in sweetness and bliss Space Queen another 50/50 hybrid that leans sativa in its effects, providing users with an out-of-this-world escape


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