CBD Shark Medical Feminized Seeds


This medical strain will take a big, sharky bite out of pain, stress, and lack of sleep. A combo of pure CBD and Shark Shock, CBD Shark boasts 8% CBD and just 6% THC, so you’re bound to get a lot of medical benefit and minimal to no mental high. CBD Shark is also popular for soothing inflammation and cramps.

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CBD Shark Medical Feminized Seeds Viewed 466 times today. Purchased 87 times today. Purchased 349 times this week. An indica-dominant medical cannabis seeds strain with a high percentage of healing, non-psychoactive CBD, CBD Shark is your ideal evening or nighttime strain for fighting pain and stress, and rendering you remarkably relaxed and happy as you head off to sleep. The origins of CBD Shark cannabis CBD Shark, born of the strains Shark Shock and a pure CBD variety, is head and shoulders above many of our strains in the pain relief department. You might have heard in researching cannabis and pain, that one of the reasons this amazing plant is preferable to prescription painkillers is its ability to tackle both nociceptive and neuropathic pain; pharmaceuticals, on the other hand, tend to fall short in treating the latter. Medicinal benefits of CBD Shark cannabis seeds This is why so many patients are turning away from the more traditional option, desperate for something that helps with conditions that affect the nervous system. If you’ve made up your mind to grow your own holistic medicine in your backyard or grow room, CBD Shark cannabis seeds are an excellent selection. In addition to its outstanding pain-fighting properties, CBD Shark also kicks stress to the curb and is a highly capable anti-inflammatory. Patients struggling with anxiety and depression often find the relaxing happiness that arises after a dose can alleviate moderate symptoms, and CBD Shark can also be a girl’s best friend for fighting cramps. Growing your own CBD Shark cannabis seeds Our CBD Shark cannabis seeds flourish into mid-height plants with a moderate yield of about 300-400 grams per square meter when grown indoors. Though you might not want to start with CBD Shark if you’re a new grower, you also don’t need a high level of expertise to see a successful harvest of this healing, therapeutic strain. Growers Choice CBD Shark cannabis seeds are tested to guarantee authentic genetics and are packaged in medical-grade glass vials before being delivered quickly and discreetly to your home. All our cannabis seeds come backed by a 90% germination guarantee (two-seed minimum), and our helpful customer service representatives are always happy to help you troubleshoot any issues, from choosing the best strain to ensuring good germination. Order CBD Shark cannabis seeds today and start experiencing the bliss of all-natural medicine.


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