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Having won several High Times Cannabis Cup awards, including for the “Best CBD” strain, evenly balanced Cannatonic is a true gift to medical marijuana patients who need a low-THC, high-CBD medicinal cannabis strain to help soothe their ailments. In addition, its light, yet effective, cerebral high makes it an excellent option as a recreational strain when you’re not wanting to risk the strong psychoactive effects of a more potent sativa or indica.

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Cannatonic Feminized Seeds Viewed 327 times today. Purchased 65 times today. Purchased 327 times this week. What Are The Effects Of Cannatonic Cannabis? Relaxed Focused Happy Uplifted Under the care of a skilled cultivator, Cannatonic marijuana seeds grow into cannabis plants that contain equal parts sativa and indica, with a more than 1:1 THC-CBD ratio of 6% THC and a CBD level that averages around 12% but can test as high as 17%! Bred by Resin Seeds, this calming 50/50 hybrid strain is the offspring of impressive parent strains MK Ultra and G13 Haze. While its phenomenally high CBD content automatically puts it in the “top-notch medicinal strain” class, that doesn’t mean that recreational users should just write it off as an ineffective source for an uplifting and relaxing high due to its low THC content. In fact, the very fact that Cannatonic doesn’t have a double-digit THC level makes it the perfect strain for first-time users, those with a low-THC tolerance level, and those who want the gentle buzz of a marijuana strain that isn’t going to end up leaving them feeling “stoned.” As such its lack of psychoactivity is exactly why recreational users flock to the Cannatonic strain with almost as much gusto as medical cannabis patients do. Its mental effects are just enough to raise your mood so that you find yourself gliding through your day on a cloud of happiness believing in the goodness of yourself of the world around you. Instead of amping you up with energy, Cannatonic reinvigorates you just by making you feel optimistic and in good spirits. In addition, it generally provides users with a greater ability to concentrate and focus due to its lucid and clear-headed effects. As for this appealing cannabis strain’s physical effects, it is said to lift all heavy feelings from the body and soothe out any tensions, etc. contained in the joints and muscles without impacting your sense of alertness or motivation. In many ways, Cannatonic is the ideal strain for recreational users who want to take the edge off without having their ability to function diminished in any way, and for those with social anxiety who have to attend a large gathering and want to feel more comfortable mingling etc. without coming across as “high.” All in all, low-THC, high-CBD strains like Cannatonic do have as much to offer adult users as they do medical marijuana patients with a steady stream of euphoria and tranquility that connects with the rivers of productivity. What Are The Benefits Of Cannatonic Cannabis? As a medical marijuana strain that has the anecdotal ability to provide long-lasting medical relief to users for a wide variety of ailments, Cannatonic stands heads and shoulders above its peers. Its medicinal effects for those needing relief from various physical ailments include a reported ability to provide pain relief for issues such as pain, muscle spasms, and headaches. That said, in no way should an individual with a serious health issue self-prescribe Cannatonic or any medical marijuana strain without first talking with a trained and licensed healthcare provider who can then determine if this is the right course of treatment for them. Patients who suffer from mental health issues like stress, feelings of malaise, negative thinking, worried or fearful thinking, and other mood-related disorders can take advantage of Cannatonic’s soothingly uplifting and tranquil effects without feeling incapable of staying motivated and productive. What Are The Adverse Effects Of Cannatonic? Since Cannatonic is not the kind of strain that is going to overwhelm medical or recreational users with a highly potent THC content, its adverse effects are pretty minimal with just the usual possibility of cottonmouth and dry eyes. There have also been some rare cases of users reporting experiencing minor headaches, and slightly anxious feelings, but this only seems to happen to those who are already prone to paranoid overthinking, etc. What Does The Cannatonic Strain Taste And Smell Like? Cannatonic’s distinct fragrance and sweet flavors come from its terpene content which includes myrcene, β-Pinene, phellandrene, and D-Limonene–just to name a few. Its unmistakable aroma has a very earthy scent to it with sweetly tart accents of citrus to it. Its taste provides users with a beautiful citrus flavor that has shocks of fresh pine and piquant sweetness to boot. When combusted, its tart and gentle wood notes become more apparent. How Do I Grow Cannatonic Cannabis Seeds? Cannatonic is not a very easy strain to cultivate due in part to how susceptible it is to molds and mildew. As such, it is best grown by those who are at least an intermediate level as a cannabis cultivator. One thing that makes things easier for growers is the fact that Growers Choice Seeds (GCS) only sells feminized cannabis seeds, which means there’s a 99% chance of ending up with all female plants. In addition, GCS also provides a germination guarantee that 90% of your seeds will sprout, provided you correctly follow our paper towel method for germination. Although Cannatonic is suitable for outdoor cultivation, most experts advise that you grow it indoors where you can control and maintain its growing environment as it needs a dry and temperate setting with plenty of light and air circulation. Some indoor cultivation tips, that can be applied to outdoor growing, are provided below: During Cannatonic’s vegetative phase, you will want to keep the humidity level at about 60%. During its flowering phase, you can then lower the humidity to 50% or lower so that near the end of the flowering stage it is not above 40%. Experienced cultivators recommend keeping the pH level of the soil somewhere between 6.2 and 6.5. During its vegetative stage make sure to both feed your plants generously but also keep an eye out for nutrient burn. Then, during the flowering period, flush your crops as needed around 1-2 weeks before you harvest them. To improve airflow and reduce the risk of molds or mildew forming, trim your plants regularly. What Do Cannatonic Cannabis Plants Look Like? Cannatonic marijuana plants mature to be average height, which shouldn’t create a space issue for indoor growers. The buds that its plants produce are shaped like clusters of grapes and are medium in size. As a 50/50 hybrid, Cannatonic also displays its indica genetics by having chunky nuggets that are quite dense in structure. In terms of coloration, this well-balanced therapeutic strain has greenish-yellow buds with a mesmerizing layering of trichomes that give off a purplish tint. When To Harvest Your Cannatonic Cannabis Plant Cannatonic provides growers with above-average yields that make all the attention and care they require well worth your time and efforts. Grown indoors, this 50/50 strain should start its flowering time in about 10-11 weeks, after which it usually renders an abundant harvest of approximately 510+ grams per square meter. As for Cannatonic’s outdoor harvest, it tends to be right around 396+ grams per plant after completing its flowering stage in October. Similar Cannabis Strains To Cannatonic 1. Suzy Q CBD: this premium medical marijuana strain, which has long been a rare one to find in seed form, has an astounding CBD to THC ratio of 15:1. 2. Avidekel CBD: this indica-dominant medical-grade hybrid with its gentle, full-bodied high without the usual psychoactive effects contains 1%-2% THC and 15%-18% CBD. 3. CBD Critical Mango: this is an indica-dominant CBD-rich strain that offers impressive relaxation and an uplifting sensation. 4. White Russian: for those seeking a more THC-potent 50/50 hybrid that offers a long-lasting and powerful punch, White Russian is the way to go. 5. Midnight: this incredible autoflowering near-evenly balanced, high CBD medical-grade strain contains 10% THC and anywhere from 8%-12.5% CBD.


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