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Cali Kush is a fast-growing, indica-heavy mood lifter and body relaxer that’s unlikely to leave you immobilized.

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Cali Kush Cannabis Seeds Viewed 348 times today. Purchased 96 times today. Purchased 696 times this week.   Congratulations! If you’ve been looking for a relatively fast-growing, indica-heavy hybrid, Cali Kush cannabis seeds are right up your alley as, post-germination, they usually reach full maturation in just 7 weeks. There are two strains named Cali Kush. One was bred by Sumo Seeds in the Netherlands and is a sativa-dominant hybrid. This Cali Kush available from Growers Choice, also known as “California Kush,” is a 90% indica / 10% sativa strain. Cali Kush is a mood lifter and body relaxer that isn’t likely to leave you immobilized on your couch.   What are the effects of Cali Kush cannabis? Cali Kush, a strain of cannabis known for its West Coast origins, typically induces a relaxing experience and mild cerebral uplift. The strain’s effects can promote stress relief, pain management, and relaxation without inducing actually overwhelming sedation. With a THC content of 24%, Cali Kush cannabis seeds will mature into plants with a powerful, but not debilitating, punch. Cali Kush cannabis makes for fabulous use most any time of the day or night when you’re wanting to just unwind or hang out with friends.  Despite being an indica-heavy strain, Cali Kush has just enough sativa to provide you with a cerebral high that will leave you feeling more alert, if only for the onset. It is known to uplift spirits and offers users a wonderful overall sense of happiness to the point of euphoria without feeling over-energized. Cali Kush’s physical relaxation is blissfully soothing and has a reputation for calming even the most tense of users.    What are the therapeutic benefits of California Kush cannabis? For medical users who wish to use Cali Kush for its therapeutic benefits, it is often considered a top-tier choice for helping those who are struggling with depression to find some temporary relief and for helping to reduce stress levels. Thanks to its potent indica properties that offer deep physical and muscular relaxation, Cali Kush is reputed for aiding those who are suffering from chronic aches and pains to get some much-deserved pain relief.   What Does Cali Kush Taste Like? Understandably, if one is less familiar with cannabis strains and their different flavors, being told that something tastes “skunky” could be off-putting. However, in all truth, a strain that smells or tastes of skunk is almost always a positive thing, especially when it comes to a strain’s flavor profile. As such, Cali Kush’s unmistakable skunkiness is a big reason why it’s so pleasing to the palate. Combined with its skunky undertone, Cali Kush has peppery and sour citrus notes that make combusting this strain quite an enjoyable experience.    How Do I Grow Cali Kush Cannabis Seeds? Like all Growers Choice cannabis seeds, Cali Kush seeds are feminized, thereby saving you the hassle of sorting out the male seeds. It’s also considered a very easy strain for even novice growers to find success with, due in part to being resistant to mold and fungus. While it can thrive both indoors and out, where outdoors it does best in a sunny, Mediterranean-like climate, Cali Kush actually thrives best inside. If you opt to cultivate it indoors, it will do equally well with soil or hydroponics. Furthermore, using the Sea of Green method is not only an excellent idea for growing Cali Kush inside, but it may even provide you with a more bountiful harvest than if you were to grow it outside.   What Do Cali Kush Cannabis Plants Look Like? What matters more than how any strain looks, is how effective it is in meeting a user’s recreational or medical needs. Sometimes even the most bland or unimpressive-looking of mature plant strains are so incredible in what they offer users that it doesn’t matter that they’re rather drab in appearance.  However, not only is Cali Kush fast and easy to grow, and highly effective in what it has to offer users, it also just happens to be the total package as its looks match its inner beauty. Cali Kush nuggets are known for being massive in size, all softly adorned in orange and brown pistils and generously frosted over in trichomes.   When To Harvest Your Cali Kush Plant Cali Kush has a relatively short growth time where, indoors, it could be harvest-ready in 7-8 weeks, depending on which medium and method used when cultivating it. Along with its short indoor growth period, it should provide a generous yield of approximately 500 grams per square meter. Grown outdoors, Cali Kush should yield about 400 grams per plant sometime around the second or third week of September.   Cannabis Strains Similar To Cali Kush  Presidential Bubba Kush a pure indica strain that can also be harvest-ready in as few as 7 weeks when grown indoors Lemon another fast-growing, indica-dominant hybrid that has been known to flower in as little as 6.5 weeks Hindu Skunk one more for those who appreciate a nice skunky-smelling and tasting hybrid Cinex instead of having a spicy, sour skunky flavor profile, this one has a sweet and skunky taste to it Chemdog #4 an indica-dominant hybrid that also helps patients suffering from depression and stress


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