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Kush strains, including Bubba Kush, are loved for their soothing, relaxing, and calming effects. Kush strains lean heavily toward the indica side, which makes them ideal for nighttime use when you’re about to fall asleep—or when you want to chill on the weekends.

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Bubba Kush Feminized Seeds Viewed 355 times today. Purchased 68 times today. Purchased 489 times this week. If you are still on the lookout for the ideal strain for you, perhaps Bubba Kush seeds should be added into the mix for you! A beloved strain with a classic aroma, many consider Bubba Kush weed the complete package. Before you buy Bubba Kush seeds, we bet you want to know more about this efficient strain. Bubba Kush’s Genetic Origins Bubba Kush weed earned its strain profile through two legendary parent strains. Like many Kush strains, OG Kush is one of the strains that gave us Bubba Kush. The Afghani strain is the other parent of Bubba Kush weed. Also known sometimes simply as Bubba OG Kush, the legendary effects of California favorite OG Kush combine with a bit of the old-school Afghani strain to give us cannabis seeds for a strain many consider one of their all-time favorites, especially for medically-minded marijuana users. What Flavor And Aroma Will Bubba Kush Seeds Give Me? The distinctive aroma of Bubba Kush weed is a favorite of many. What we have here is a strain profile with a woody aroma with accents of forest notes. There are also subtle notes of chocolate to be found in Bubba Kush. By and large, the complex terpene profile is pungent and earthy, but the hint of dark chocolate in the flavor gives it a sweet taste as well many enjoy. This could be the perfect strain for you if you like your marijuana strains pungent with a woody aroma that reminds you that you are smoking a plant, after all. Bubba Kush Feminized Seeds THC Level In addition to exotic fragrances and dark chocolate flavors, Bubba Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid. In fact, this strain comes in at 90 percent indica and a mere 10 percent sativa, just enough to keep this from being a pure indica strain. The strain also has a moderate level of THC, coming in at 19 percent in terms of that psychoactive chemical compound. That does put Bubba Kush at the upper edge of the moderate level of THC content, but it isn’t quite potent enough to be considered a particularly strong marijuana plant type. Because of this, Bubba Kush is a top choice for growers who like the effects of indica strains and want a fair amount of THC, but not too much. The Relaxing Effects Of Bubba Kush If mood-boosting relaxation is the name of the game when it comes to your marijuana use, Bubba Kush could be the perfect strain for those goals. It provides tranquilizing effects and deep relaxation in both the body and the mind. Indica strains by nature chill you out and help you relax, and you feel them more in the body than in the brain. We would call this one of the most-soothing cannabis strains out there, an excellent choice to chill out and just relax on the couch or in bed. The hint of sativa can help prevent total couch lock, and maybe even provide an uplifting effect to some degree, but this is not a strain for getting out there and being productive. We wouldn’t recommend making Bubba Kush a daytime strain, as it could have a negative effect on your productivity. On the other hand, it should have a positive effect on your ability to enjoy deep relaxation at the end of a busy day. Why Are Bubba Kush Seeds So Popular With Medical Marijuana Users? The mood-boosting relaxation of Bubba Kush is one thing, but it also is known to deliver a heaping helping of pain relief. If you have pain issues, the moderate level of THC and the indica-dominant nature of Bubba Kush makes it a choice for growers who are looking for pain mitigation. Since indica is felt so thoroughly in the body, a strain with as much potent indica as Bubba Kush is an efficient strain for those who are trying to alleviate pain issues, be they chronic issues or acute. You can also use Bubba Kush for more than pain mitigation. Indicas are relaxing, and they also often help with sleep. If you are struggling with sleep issues, or even with insomnia, Bubba Kush could be the cannabis seed strain for you. Impressive Yields At Harvest Time With Bubba Kush Bubba Kush is generally considered a friendly cultivar, though just how easy it is to grow is up for debate. Some say that Bubba Kush is totally fine for novice growers, while others recommend getting a bit of experience under your belt first. What we do know is that Bubba Kush has a compact structure, but also yields bushy plants known for big, dense buds. The flowering period tends to take seven to nine weeks, and many consider Bubba Kush a productive plant at harvest time. Now, don’t expect fantastic yields on par with the strain that provides the most-bountiful harvests, but Bubba Kush does provide what the vast majority of growers consider a rewarding return for the work put in. Indoor growers can expect 400 to 500 grams per square meter, while outdoor growers tend to get 600 to 700 grams per plant. Speaking of outdoor growers, while some strains struggle outdoors, Bubba Kush does well in warm, sunny climates. Buy Bubba Kush Cannabis Strain Seeds Whether you are looking for a robust helping of pain relief or an earthy aroma with accents of wood and dark chocolate, Bubba Kush could be the perfect cannabis seed strain for you! Of course, you don’t need to only grow one cannabis strain at a time. When you order your cannabis seeds from Growers Choice Seeds, you might want to consider one of these other strains as well. 1. Presidential Bubba Kush: Apparently what makes a strain “Presidential” is swapping out the Afghani strain for the Bubble Gum strain, giving you a pure indica offering. 2. Blackberry Kush: This strain is sweeter, with flavors of berries, and is even easier to grow in the garden. 3. King Kong: Looking for a similar strain profile, but a truly generous yield? Then try King Kong. This woody, indica-dominant hybrid can top out at 900 grams even with indoor plants! 4. Death Bubba: Don’t mess around with Death Bubba! This strain can top out at 27 percent THC, making it one of the strongest strains available out there. 5. Critical Kush: Here’s another mix of two legendary strains, Critical Mass and OG Kush. It has a little more THC to it, a little more sativa content, plus a speedy grow time for those who don’t want to be patient when it comes to their plants.


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