Bruce Banner Feminized Seeds


There’s no need to hulk out when Growers Choice has you covered with Bruce Banner feminized seeds. Like the Avenger, this marijuana strain is one of the strongest and most potent on the market, which makes it suited for experienced consumers only. This one’s not for the weak.

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Bruce Banner Feminized Seeds Viewed 321 times today. Purchased 91 times today. Purchased 659 times this week. Bruce Banner may be the scientist who, through exposure to gamma radiation, has the ability to become the Incredible Hulk. This is a marijuana strain that has more in common with the green beast than the scientist played by the likes of Bill Bixby on television and Mark Ruffalo on film. This is a powerful strain that makes for a beloved plant to many. Now, you can buy Bruce Banner feminized cannabis seeds from us here at Growers Choice Seeds, so let’s get into what Bruce Banner’s all about as a cannabis strain. Bruce Banner Seeds For One Of The Strongest Strains When Bruce Banner Hulks out, he’s got an incredible amount of power. Bruce Banner, the marijuana strain, has that level of power as well. This is a potent strain known, and beloved, for its THC content. THC, as you may know, is the psychoactive chemical compound found in the weed plant. The more THC in your strain, the more potential it has to deliver a robust high for marijuana users. Any cannabis type with more than 20 percent in terms of THC content is considered high in THC. Bruce Banner comes in at a whopping 25 percent THC. That makes for some powerful marijuana seeds! Additionally, Bruce Banner has a moderate level of CBD, the chemical compound that is better known for health benefits than for providing any kind of high. CBD is not psychoactive, but it can benefit you. That makes Bruce Banner seeds popular cannabis seeds among fans of THC. The Bruce Banner strain is a powerful hybrid, as it comes in at 60 percent sativa and 40 percent indica thanks to its parent strains. The Flavor And Aroma Of Bruce Banner Cannabis Plants Bruce Banner weed has crazy potency on the THC front, but what about its scent and flavor? We don’t know what the Hulk tastes like, but we do know the profile of Bruce Banner. The amazing terpene profile of this strain gives it an attractive scent. It smells like sweet berries but with a tinge of diesel in the mix. Now, a tinge of diesel is not for everybody, but there are big fans of the classic diesel fuel aroma of many strains. On the other hand, the sweet flavor profile is heavy on the berry flavor. That makes Bruce Banner seeds a favorite for those who like sweet, fruity flavors and aromas, and don’t mind the hint of diesel scent you can glean from Bruce Banner as well. What Are The Effects Of Smoking Bruce Banner? Bruce Banner feminized cannabis seeds bring that high THC content percentage, but what are the other effects of this strain with the sweet flavor profile? This sativa-leaning strain can give you a burst of energy which makes this a good choice as a daytime strain. It can give you an upbeat, happy sensation that really boosts your mood. However, after that boost of energy triggered by the sativa side of Bruce Banner’s personality, the indica kicks in. That leads to a calming effect and relaxed sensation for many. These marijuana seeds make for a powerful, balanced hybrid that a lot of people love and consider a brilliant option in terms of a strain to use during the day or socially. Medicinal Uses For Bruce Banner Feminized Seeds With high THC and moderate levels of CBD, Bruce Banner is a strong medical option for some medical conditions and concerns. The indica, THC, and CBD can help with chronic pain conditions, and there are those who use this particular strain to combat stress as well. If you need to lower your stress levels or manage pain, Bruce Banner could become a beloved plant in your particular selection of strains. What Is It Like To Grow Bruce Banner As A Strain? The Hulk, in addition to being incredible, is much larger than Bruce Banner. Again, Banner’s alter ego is perhaps a more fitting comparison point to the Bruce Banner strain. Typically, Bruce Banner as a strain yields tall, sturdy plants. It’s also known for hefty, lime-green buds. On top of that, this strain can provide you with a hefty harvest as well. When grown indoors, Bruce Banner plants tend to yield 550 grams per square meter, while outdoor growers could find themselves pulling in a harvest of 900 grams per plant. That’s a big harvest and an amazing yield! Now, Bruce Banner is a strain that tends to take a little longer to flower. You may have to wait up to 10 weeks for flowering time to arrive. On top of that, novice growers might find Bruce Banner a little temperamental as a strain. That is to say, you may not like Bruce Banner when he’s angry. However, if you have some cannabis growing experience, you should be able to handle Bruce Banner plants. Just be prepared to wait a bit for your harvest time to begin, though we think it is worth it. Get Bruce Banner Seeds If you are intrigued by the heavy THC of this popular hybrid strain, then it is time to buy some Bruce Banner feminized seeds from us here at Growers Choice Seeds. You want feminized cannabis seeds because only female marijuana plants have buds, which is where almost all the THC in marijuana is found. Our fully-feminized cannabis seeds can almost guarantee you female plants each and every time. All of our cannabis seeds are also lab tested and will be shipped to you quickly and discreetly. When you buy your Bruce Banner cannabis seeds, you may want to buy some seeds for others, similar strains as well. Consider these other strains like the other members of your own personal Cannabis Avengers, perhaps. Bruce Banner #3: Yes, there is another type of Bruce Banner out there. Bruce Banner #3 is a sativa-dominant hybrid with almost the same level of THC as Bruce Banner. Also, our Bruce Banner #3 seeds are of the auto-flowering variety. OG Kush: Like Bruce Banner, OG Kush leans on the sativa side of things. It also actually has ever more THC somehow, coming in at 27 percent on that front. That’s a powerful plant! Ghost OG: If you want a high-THC strain that is indica dominant then Ghost OG could be the one for you. It’s also easy to grow, making it good for beginners. Deadhead OG: Deadhead OG has almost the same level of THC as Bruce Banner and the same balance of sativa and indica. The difference is that it is easy to grow and it has an earthy, pungent flavor and aroma. Sunset Sherbet: Sunset Sherbet is sweet, and leans toward sativa as a hybrid, but has a bit less THC if you don’t want to be overwhelmed by THC content


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