Blueberry Kush Feminized Seeds


Fans of fruity marijuana strains are going to love Blueberry Kush feminized seeds. As its name suggests, this strain smells of freshly picked blueberries and comes with a 90% indica profile. We recommend smoking Blueberry Kush in the evening or nighttime hours.

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Blueberry Kush Feminized Seeds Viewed 412 times today. Purchased 72 times today. Purchased 603 times this week. In the world of marijuana strains, there are many who prize the strains that are found in the Kush family. These strains take their name from the Hindu Kush mountain, a region in Asia where cannabis plants have grown in the wild for decades, and one assumes even centuries. However, among cannabis aficionados, one fruit seems prized over the rest, and that is the blueberry. There is a litany of cannabis strains that are blueberry focused, which you can see right in the name. Here, in Blueberry Kush, we bring these two beloved worlds together. That makes for a strain that is an excellent choice for a multitude of marijuana users, and those looking to buy marijuana seeds to grow their own plants at home. There are few marijuana fans out there who wouldn’t be intrigued by Blueberry Kush feminized seeds, especially when you can get your cannabis seeds from a company like Growers Choice Seeds. The Details On Blueberry Kush Seeds Blueberry Kush is not one of those strains with unknown parentage. No, it is the product of two legendary strains. The birth of Blueberry Kush resulted from cross-breeding Blueberry with OG Kush. Now, while “OG” may lead one to assume a strain is one of the original cannabis varieties, the current belief is that “OG” is actually a bit of nomenclature that ties a strain to California, a longtime hotbed of cannabis cultivation. Blueberry Kush is an indica-dominant strain, and it does indeed land heavily on the indica side of things. Our Blueberry Kush cannabis seeds give you a strain that comes in at 90 percent indica, and a mere 10 percent sativa. Only a smidge of sativa is in the mix to curb some of the sensations of a pure indica. That has helped turn Blueberry Kush into a classic strain for indica enthusiasts. Some also find this to be the ideal strain for their desired THC levels. Blueberry Kush comes in at 19 percent THC, at least here at Growers Choice Seeds. Anything above 20 percent is largely considered high in THC, so using that metric, Blueberry Kush comes in at a pretty high level of THC, so you can really feel it, but not so high that it might be overpowering. What Is The Flavor And Aroma Profile Of Blueberry Kush? With Blueberry Kush seeds, you are one step closer to one of the fruitiest strains you are going to find. Expect an incredible aroma reminiscent of fresh blueberries. That sweet aroma is impressive enough as is, and it is prized by many. It’s the flavor of Blueberry Kush, though, that really makes this one of the finest quality cannabis strains you can find. The delicious taste may have you thinking you just ate a handful of real blueberries. With one of the fruitiest flavor profiles in the world of marijuana, some consider Blueberry Kush the tastiest cannabis experience out there. If you like fruity flavors, why wouldn’t you go with one of the fruitiest strains out there? it makes for an amazing smoke for lovers of fruity strains, and any fan of blueberries should give Blueberry Kush a shot. Using The Blueberry Kush Strain What does it mean to use a strain that is so indica dominant? In addition to a rich taste and a fresh aroma, Blueberry Kush has deeply calming, indica-driven effects. Indica is felt more in the body and is for relaxing and chilling out. If you seek a relaxing experience when you use marijuana, then Blueberry Kush is a fine choice. The fact it isn’t a particularly powerful variety of marijuana is also beneficial in this sense. There is less risk of being overpowered by the THC with a strain that comes in at this THC level. The hint of sativa in this strain has uplifting qualities as well, which means you can feel a boost in mood while also feeling relaxation in your body. Is Blueberry Kush A Good Medicinal Cannabis Strain? What are the potential benefits of using Blueberry Kush as a medical marijuana user? There is a wide range of reasons why Blueberry Kush feminized seeds are popular with medical cannabis users. As indicas are felt largely in the body, chronic pain and severe pain can be helped with this strain. Perhaps the best use of a strain like this is when it comes to sleep issues. Medicinal users dealing with persistent insomnia have benefited from using Blueberry Kush. It is certainly a vigorous plant when it comes to fighting sleep problems. Growing Cannabis Plants From Blueberry Kush Strain Seeds Blueberry Kush is a favorite of old-school connoisseurs and relatively new cannabis growers, it’s not necessarily a variety for beginners. Experienced growers should have no problem making their Blueberry Kush feminized seeds thrive, but we recommend having a couple of plants and harvests under your belt before you make the move to this strain. Yes, the aroma of berries and the luxurious levels of indica content is enticing, but your patience will be rewarded! You should be able to grow Blueberry Kush indoors or outdoors. Indica strains, particularly Kush strains, have long been able to thrive in colder climates, opening up more cannabis growers to cultivate plants outdoors. These sturdy plants tend to be of medium height. You can expect a flowering time of 55 to 65 days, which is roughly 8-9 weeks. There’s a lot to like about Blueberry Kush, but it is not known for its impressive yield. This is a strain prized for its indulgent smoke quality more than offering up a very bountiful harvest. Indoor growers can likely expect 450 to 550 grams per square meter. Outdoor plants, meanwhile, tend to yield 500 to 600 grams per plant. Get Quality Blueberry Feminized Seeds With a sweet flavor and intense body high, Blueberry Kush is on its way to legendary status to many. If you would like to grow your own Blueberry Kush plants, it’s time to get your seeds from Growers Choice. Our seeds are all fully feminized because you want female marijuana plants. Only female marijuana plants have buds, and buds contain almost all the THC in marijuana. We have Blueberry Kush seeds for sale right now, and you can have them shipped right to you quickly and discreetly. This popular cross of Blueberry and the much-loved OG Kush could be the perfect strain for an experienced grower looking for sweet flavors and fruity terpenes. Here are some other strains to consider that are similar to Blueberry Kush as well. Blueberry Headband: We told you a lot of blueberry strains exist. Blueberry Headband tilts toward sativa genetics and is known for its heady high. Blueberry: We have the original Blueberry strain available at Growers Choice in auto-flower seed form. This seed type is better for new cannabis growers, so consider our Blueberry seeds if that sounds right for you. Berry White: Named for its berry flavor and effects akin to its namesake’s music, Berry White has high THC levels that can really help you ease into your evening, or a good night of sleep. Purple Kush: Purple Kush is a pure indica that is fruity, and earthy, and has a compact growth pattern that is ideal for those with less room for indoor growing. Blueberry Cheesecake: Once more into the world of Blueberry strains. Some say this low-THC strain has euphoric qualities with sativa genetics that can help keep you energized with anxiety-blocking effects for good measure.


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