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Blue Dream’s effects are like driving down the Pacific Coast Highway with the fresh California breezes blowing through your hair.

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Blue Dream Feminized Seeds Viewed 430 times today. Purchased 79 times today. Purchased 425 times this week. Blues Dream Feminized Seeds In recent years, one of the most popular strains that gained the love of casual cannabis breeders and users are the delicious flavors and extracts taken from blue dream seeds. This strain can be found in your local cannabis stores or online since it’s sought after not only for its great fruity flavors but also for its quick harvest time. Its flowering time is reasonable, and it usually has heavy yields. If you’re a fan of Blue Dream Feminized Seeds, then this is the perfect guide for you. Here, we discuss what’s you need to know about the Blue Dream Seed. What Does Blue Dream Taste Like? Of the numerous reasons that Blue Dream is so universally popular is due in part to its incredibly delectable taste of sugary sweet blueberries with subtle sour notes and undertones of herbs and spices. This is definitely one delightful strain to combust, as its aftertaste that many describe as being akin to that of blueberry pie will linger on your tongue long after you’ve exhaled. How Do I Grow Blue Dream Cannabis Seeds? Interestingly, Blue Dream is considered to be a relatively easy strain to grow indoors, but a more difficult one to grow outside where you’ll need to have at least an intermediate amount of experience to do so. Regardless of where you grow it, the fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized means that the chances of ending up with male plants is only about 10% or so. If you’re going to grow Blue Dream outside, know that it will require a Mediterranean-like climate in order to thrive, and that it’s relatively sensitive to extreme changes in weather. While it’s easier to grow inside where you can control the environment, you’ll want to top your plants early on as they can grow to be quite tall. Experts also recommend using hydroponics for growing Blue Dream indoors. Whether you grow Blue Dream inside or out, you will need to be mindful of the fact that it’s susceptible to spite mites and mildew, so you will want to keep a close eye on your crops to ensure that they are able to remain healthy and achieve their full potential. What Do Blue Dream Cannabis Plants Look Like? Blue Dream plants are known to mature into plants that can be 5 feet and taller, and to produce large buds that are both incredibly dense and very fluffy. Its elongated sage and neon green buds will often have deep blue undertones or orange and brown ones, depending on the phenotype and growing conditions. In addition, Blue Dream’s nuggets are covered in a fine dusting of sticky white, resinous trichomes with amber and sometimes even blue-ish pistils protruding through. When To Harvest Your Blue Dream Cannabis Plant Blue Dream is a generous yielder both indoors and out. When grown inside, this sativa hybrid generally takes about 9-10 weeks to flower, and should produce an approximate harvest of 575 grams per square meter. Cultivated outdoors, Blue Dream should render a hefty yield of about 575 grams per plant sometime in the month of October. What are the Benefits of Blue Dream Seeds Reduces Anxiety and Depression Symptoms: Plant a Blue Dream Seed, and you can already benefit from its extracts by helping you handle anxiety disorders and manage depression symptoms. The blue dream seeds are known for their mood-boosting aspects, which uplift and give you euphoric feelings. Alleviates Vomiting and Nausea: The Blue Dream Feminized Seeds are some of the best strains when you are looking for cannabis with antiemetic properties. This means that it alleviates nausea and vomiting. Stimulates Appetite: If you have problems regulating your appetite, then plant a Blue Dream Seed, and see yourself enjoying food again. That’s why this strain is excellent for those who are suffering from eating disorders. Increases Focus: If you are always finding yourself losing focus, take the extract you get from the flowers of the blue dream seeds. One of the common effects you get from taking its extract is that you’ll feel energized but with more focus, so it boosts productivity while you enjoy its euphoric effects. Boosts Creativity: Lastly, the Blue Dream Feminized Seeds produce some of the most potent and effective extracts that boost creativity. The strain gives a cerebral boost that energizes the user, so creative ideas are likely to unfold. Is Blue Dream An Indica Or Sativa The Blue Dream Seed is a combination of the Indica Blueberry and Sativa Haze strains. The phenotype of the blue dream seeds may vary depending on the batch or stock of the seeds, but it’s still treated as a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain. This combination of marijuana strains gives a physical and cerebral rush and affects the users. However, it gives off that balanced high. This hybrid makes you feel relaxed, euphoric, and uplifted. Still, the effects of the Blue Dream Feminized Seeds vary from one person to the other. So, expect to have varying accounts of experiences as well. What Are The Side Effects Of Blue Dreams It’s common for cannabis variants such as blue dream seeds to have side effects on an individual. Here are some effects commonly reported after taking in the extract from Blue Dream Feminized Seeds: Dry Eyes and Mouth: It’s often heard that cannabis causes dry eyes and mouth. This is not different from blue dream seeds. Users reported the comfort of having dry eyes and mouth while experiencing the high. To combat this, it’s best to keep on hydrating one’s self. Keep a bottle of water near you, and take a few sips now and then. Dizziness: Another side effect you get from Blue Dream Feminized Seeds is dizziness. Although some reports say that it eases away nausea and vomiting, some have the opposite effect. This is commonly observed in newbies though. So, it’s best to take a low dosage first. Anxiety and Paranoia: Factors affecting mood vary, especially when taking cannabis. Not everyone has the same effect, so some would still get anxiety and paranoia as side effects. Sure, blue dream seeds are used as another alternative for managing mood disorders, but they are still not standardized, so the opposite side effects can still happen. Headache: Lastly, Blue Dream Feminized Seeds cause headaches for some users. This is mostly observed when high doses are taken. So, be cautious about ingesting too much in one go. Does Blue Dream Make You Sleepy? Blue dream seeds are seen as great hybrids for novice breeders and cannabis enthusiasts. This is because it has that balanced effect on you. It’s great for making you feel relaxed, but can it also make you sleepy? Generally, blue dream seeds aren’t the main type of strains to go for if you’re looking for cannabis with strong sedative power. Instead, it’s mostly known for its amazing energizing effects. It’s the type of strain to be taken when one is aiming for that sense of rush, boost in creativity, and increase in productivity. It’s also deemed one of the best medical marijuana types to use. However, do take into account that each type of strain has a different effect per person, so consider this factor too and explore the Cannabis community for more information and guidance about this vast array of strains. What Is The Smell Of Blue Dream These cannabis seeds have a distinct aroma. Some say the smell reminds them of vanilla and blueberry. There’s a good mix of pleasant sweet, floral, and fruity undertones from these types of strains. Some even say it has a cedar or pine smell too, which is not uncommon in cannabis strains. Still, the aroma of this strain would depend on the quality of how its bred and its phenotype too, but overall, it has a potent and smooth aroma that everyone loves. Is Blue Dream Considered Sativa Or Hybrid These cannabis seeds are a hybrid type. It’s the combination between an Indica Blueberry strain and the Sativa Haze strain. However, it has more Sativa influences in it. Generally, it’s a well-rounded hybrid option that can be used as a medicinal alternative or a recreational drug. Similar Cannabis Strains To Blue Dream Blueberry this classic indica is one of Blue Dream’s parent strains Super Silver Haze this sativa-dominant hybrid is Blue Dream’s other parent strain Rainbow this generous-yielding indica also has Blueberry as a parent strain Sunset Sherbet like Blue Dream this energizing strain has a sativa/indica ratio of 60:40 Jack Flash on the opposite end with a sativa/indica ratio of 40:60


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