Best Beginner Seeds Combo Pack


We all have to start somewhere. When it comes to cannabis, there’s definitely a learning curve, and that’s why we’ve put together the Best Beginner Cannabis Seeds Combo Pack. Earn all your gardener girl scout badges with these simple-to-grow strains. Gorilla Glue goes down easy, Lemon Skunk is lighthearted, Green Crack is a great start, and Northern Lights is no biggie. Try them out!

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Best Beginner Seeds Combo Pack Viewed 428 times today. Purchased 88 times today. Purchased 495 times this week. If you’re new to growing cannabis, don’t stress! We all start somewhere, and we’re so pumped you’re starting with Growers Choice! Our Best Beginner Cannabis Seeds combo pack is the perfect place to start if you’re new to growing or you’d just like to take a break from those super high-maintenance strains. All our strains are already feminized, which takes away tons of guesswork. And our Best Beginner Cannabis Seeds combo pack not only hand-selects some prime picks for you but it’s offered at an awesome discount. Go ahead, get your tokin’ toes wet with these superior but straightforward strains. Northern Lights Auto-Flowering FTW It just makes sense to start off with an auto-flowering option, especially if you’re growing indoors. Northern Lights is easy to grow, in part because you don’t need to worry about changing the lighting when the flowering phase begins. Plant em, love em, harvest em and fall in love with that relaxing, euphoric buzz. The Beginner’s Best Bet: Lemon Skunk Auto-Flowering What kind of cannabis grower would you be without a skunky strain to start off with? Lemon Skunk gives you everything you could want from a strain—energetic and uplifting sensation, relief from stress and pain—bundled up in a sweet little auto-flowering package. Flex your flower fingers, because this one’s a star! Get Going With Green Crack It might sound threatening, but we promise that Green Crack is a great strain for our Best Beginner Cannabis Seeds combo pack. This balanced hybrid isn’t just easy to grow; it also fights fatigue and depression (a great daytime pick) and will let you focus in a happy frame of mind. It’s a no-brainer that’ll boost your growing confidence in a single grow. Don Your Ganja Mantle With Gorilla Glue Auto-Flowering You’ve heard of this one—now you get to grow it! Gorilla Glue is a popular hybrid we’re proud to offer in fine, auto-flowering form. Stress and pain don’t stand a chance with this one, and neither do your fears of failure! Wow your friends and yourself with an outstanding growing experience using one of our favorite strains. We’re positive you’ll be seeking out “intermediate” strains in no time! To make the transition from marijuana buyer to marijuana grower, you’ll want some easy-going strains to start you off. Our Best Beginner Cannabis Seeds combo pack is all you need! Enjoy the process, learn as you go, and still come out with great harvests you can take pride in. Put this combo pack in your cart and start your growing adventure with Growers Choice!


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