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Boasting an exceptional yield, delicious flavor, and easy accessibility for growers both seasoned and up-and-coming, American Haze is a strain that keeps on giving.

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American Haze Feminized Seeds Viewed 481 times today. Purchased 69 times today. Purchased 531 times this week. Benefits Of American Haze Strain With a potent strength and flavor profile equal to its physical and mental health benefits, this California native strain with high yields is an easy-to-grow and stress-free wonder. Cannabis Origins With vague beginnings in central Asia (or western China), the first actual documented origin of cannabis cases dates as far back as 2800 BC. While also documented in other countries, it was primarily used to treat ailments like arthritis, depression, asthma, and inflammation. Not too long later, global distribution was seen out of Persia, leading to a global revolution. While not without difficulty of consumption (the Middle Ages specifically being a time when banning such use was common), many consider the Dutch as being significantly involved in the widespread legal distribution of cannabis. Native Cannabis Plants As cannabis discovery expanded in locations like South America, it made many privy to plants such as Acapulco Gold, Columbian Gold, and Panama Red. Each with THC counts ranging from 10 to 24 %. Haze strains in particular began to emerge as potent and popular choices for those looking to remain active, and social while hoping to relieve stress and other mental health aggressors. What Is The American Haze Strain? A beautiful feminized and potent strain with a floral, sweet citrus, and spicy flavor profile and an earth taste, American Haze Weed Seeds are the perfect fit for anybody looking to take it easy, or looking to heal and recover from medical conditions such as treatments for chronic pain with its euphoric effects. American Haze has found its eclectic origins in plants tied to South America, South India, Thailand, and Mexico, but originates from Santa Cruz, California, earning the alternative name California Haze. Body Effects of American Haze If you’re looking for a relaxing decompressor, look no further than American Haze. Its 24% THC level makes it a desirable and potent salve for those looking for assisting medical benefits for dealing with various forms of body pains such as muscle spasms, and it can act as a helpful aid for those suffering from loss of appetite from chemotherapy treatments or just looking for general appetite stimulation. Mental And Creative Benefits Of American Haze American Haze is a perfect fit for those dealing with affective disorders such as Bipolar Disorder, and ADHD, or anyone looking for relief from deep-seated sadness with its elevating sensation. That said, without proper caution and discretion, it can lead to intense headaches or paranoia For those not recovering from medical conditions, but looking for a little extra spring in their step with an energizing strain, American Haze’s cerebral effects, like a strong cup of coffee, elicit a vitalizing uplift, and a euphoric rush perfect for those seeking mental stimulation and for people with creative endeavors seeking some additional inspiration. With So Many Fantastic Benefits, It’s Worth Knowing Why Growers Choice Would Implement Such A Commitment To These Feminized Seeds. With higher yield as well as higher quality crops, feminized seeds can still be somewhat of a complicated beast. However, while time-consuming, the product they elicit without the worry of accidental pollination or infection from male plants makes it a fantastic addition to those who are new to growing their own plants. American Haze’s feminized seeds allow for treatment for stomach sickness, pain, and fatigue. With an inviting aroma and taste, it’s a perfect strain for people looking to gain the most out of a stress reliever. Feminized Vs Regular Strains/Seeds For a lot of newcomers stressing about product quality and minimizing cost risk, with feminized seeds, you have plenty to gain. You’ll be able to trim all the male plants without worrying about accidentally removing important female plants. Cultivation and care also become easier as with feminized strains, you’ll be able to maintain a flexible harvest on your own schedule without having to wait for male plants. Indoor Or Outdoor Growth? For American Haze, which does offer the flexibility of outdoor and indoor growth, Growers Choice recommends growth in an indoor soil or soilless hydroponic garden. For First-Time growers, don’t be discouraged by the difficulty of cultivating feminized seeds, They are an incredibly tricky type, but the rewards are worth the risk and time. Similar Strains To American Haze Diesel Feminized Seeds  ( A jubilant high to help combat the day-to-day stressors and physical pains) CBD Critical Mass Medical Feminized Seeds (An indica-heavy plant with exceptional growth and restorative mental benefits) Blueberry Kush Feminized Seeds (For fans of a fruity aroma, best served in the AM and the PM ) Amnesia Feminized Seeds (With its citrus, lemony taste, and euphoric almost psychedelic charm, it’s a must for those looking for a creative boost) Cheese Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds (Cheddar-like taste, Indica strong with uplifting strengths, but maybe for more seasoned smoking veterans.)


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