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Evenly-balanced Alien OG will abduct you into another world where psychedelic head highs and exhilarating body highs freely roam.

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Alien OG Feminized Seeds Viewed 407 times today. Purchased 73 times today. Purchased 440 times this week. While its name and effects may indicate otherwise, Alien OG cannabis is very much of this world. Hailing from California, Alien OG, which is a 50/50 hybrid, is the offspring of Alien Kush and Tahoe OG Kush. This otherworldly strain will abduct you into another world where psychedelic head highs and exhilarating body highs freely roam.    What are the effects of Alien OG cannabis? Relaxed Focused Happy Alien OG cannabis seeds blossom into plants that contain equal parts indica and sativa and a THC content of 23% that’s not to be trifled with. Alien OG cannabis is known for its immensely dynamic cerebral high that hits quickly and will beam your mind into the stratosphere with an encompassing sense of elation and euphoria, leaving all worries and bad moods behind, in turn making it easier to focus your thoughts and sense of awareness of your surroundings. As your mind happily soars, you’ll notice you’re contentedly buzzing in an uplifting yet deeply relaxing state of being. As an evenly-balanced hybrid, Alien OG is a relatively adaptable strain that can lean to the sativa or indica side of things if you use it in moderation. Alien OG’s potent cerebral effects make it a good option for smoking at home alone or when hanging out with friends in a lively social setting as its effects are likely to leave you in a happy-go-lucky mood. Its soothing physical effects allow you to feel more at ease. If sleep is your end goal, then you could choose to keep smoking it until you find yourself journeying to the land where dreams reside.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Alien OG cannabis? For patients who are suffering from chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD-related symptoms, Alien OG is reported to provide solid temporary relief. Plus, its tendency to declutter the mind and provide clear-headed focus makes it a good option for those with ADHD. Alien OG is also known to provide pain relief for issues such as chronic pain and sleep for insomniacs.   What does Alien OG taste like? When combusting Alien OG, know that its powerful sweet lemon, skunky, and crisp pine aroma is sure to fill and linger in the room long after you’ve exhaled your last toke. In terms of flavor, Alien OG is a refreshing strain to indulge in with its lemon, earth, and sweet and spicy notes. When combusted, its smoke is both heavy and delightfully smooth, with hints of hashy incense and a sharp titch of ammonia on the exhale.   How do I grow Alien OG cannabis seeds? Alien OG may be somewhat difficult, but not impossible, for novice growers to grow. However, the fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized means that the chance of ending up with male plants is only about 10%. If you want to grow Alien OG outside, know that it requires a warm and humid environment, and if you’re growing it indoors, where it tends to do better, you’ll want to maintain humidity levels at 50%. While it’s highly resistant to common molds and diseases, you’ll still want to keep a close eye on it. In addition, because it can have problems developing its root system, experts advise potting with rockwool and using a generous amount of nutrients when you first plant it. Finally, Alien OG is a bushy grower, so you’ll probably need to top it so that light and air can circulate to its lower growing nodes.   What do Alien OG cannabis plants look like? Alien OG plants mature into short, bushy plants that produce small, grape-like clusters of nuggets. Depending on the phenotype, some produce very dense buds, which is an indica trait, and others produce nuggets that are loose and airy like a sativa. Alien OG’s buds, which are blanketed in a glistening, frosty coating of highly-resinous trichomes, are a light minty green with a beautiful contrasting interweaving of vivacious orange and red pistils.   When to harvest your Alien OG cannabis plant When it comes to yields, Alien OG does not disappoint.  Grown indoors, this evenly-balanced hybrid should be ready to harvest in about 8-9 weeks with a generous yield of 500 grams per square meter. Cultivated outside, Alien OG should produce a hefty 600 grams per plant sometime in the month of October.   Cannabis strains similar to Alien OG Alien Kush this nicely balanced strain is one of Alien OG’s parents Tahoe OG Kush this well-balanced hybrid also claims Alien OG as an offspring White Fire Alien OG an indica-leaning hybrid for those collecting alien-themed strains Zen a 50/50 hybrid with a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio of 10% Snowcap a 50/50 split known to imbue giddy laughter and creative energy  


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