Afghan Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds


Afghan Autoflower seeds have relatively low THC levels of around 18%, which makes them ideal for beginner or novice users who have not built up a tolerance yet. Users enjoy this strain due to its earthy aroma and complex flavor profile with notes of ground pepper and spice.

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Afghan Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 471 times today. Purchased 83 times today. Purchased 530 times this week. Straight from the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan comes a classic strain that is an excellent choice for beginner growers and experienced growers alike! If you are looking for cannabis seeds to grow your own plants at home for personal use, the Afghan Auto Seeds strain could be right up your alley. These particular marijuana seeds are auto-flowering, a perfect choice for growers in certain circumstances. We’ll tell you all about auto-flowering marijuana plants, but first, let us tell you all about Afghan Auto Seeds as a cannabis strain. The Genetic Makeup Of Afghan Seeds Effectively, Afghan is the auto-flowering variety of Afghani. As such, if you have bought Afghani seeds before, you are familiar with the effects and experience of Afghani. The difference in the auto-flowering cannabis seed variant is that a bit of the Cannabis ruderalis strain has been worked into the mix. Cannabis plants are hardy plants by nature, but ruderalis takes that to the next level. Ruderal plants thrive in harsh climates, and they also provide the auto-flowering aspect that regular cannabis seeds lack. First, though in case you aren’t familiar with the Afghan strain, then there is more to tell you about Afghan as a marijuana strain. How Powerful Are Afghan Auto-Flowering Seeds? The THC levels of Afghan seeds are moderate. Our version of the strain comes in at roughly 18 percent in terms of THC levels. Anything below 15 percent is low, and anything above 20 percent is high, so clearly 18 percent THC is a solid amount that even novice tokers can handle. Afghani seeds are pure indica, but Afghan has some of the cannabis species Cannabis ruderalis in the mix as we noted. That makes Afghan technically an indica-dominant strain. This is not your typical indica-dominant hybrid strain, though, as there is not a sativa strain in the mix. Ruderalis has little to no THC in it, and it does not impact how a marijuana strain makes you feel. It is entirely there for how ruderalis impacts the cannabis plants themselves. The Complex Flavors And Earthy Aroma Of Afghan Plants There is an intriguing flavor and aroma profile to Afghan. The individual flavors you pick out could number several different tastes, but the fusion of flavors hits quite well all things considered. The intense flavor of citrus may be at the forefront, but there are peppery flavors and spicy notes as well. Others notice an aftertaste of pine in Afghan as well. There are pine notes in the aroma as well, but also herbal notes. Some indicate citrus undertones, which aren’t surprising, but there are also floral undertones as well. The complex aromas pair well with the flavor profile, so we recommend giving it a shot. If you like to drink wine for its complex flavors and aromas, then Afghan marijuana seeds could be perfect for you. Get A Hard-Hitting Yet Soothing Buzz With Afghan While sativas give you more of a cerebral buzz, smoking an indica is more of a relaxing activity. Afghan is all about the indica effects, which are relaxing and felt in the body. This is a great strain for deep body relaxation. You’ll feel a buzz through your entire body that is a great choice for those who like to enjoy their marijuana at night. Indicas are not ideal for daytime use, especially if you have to do stuff. You might experience couch lock with Afghan, and it can put you to sleep as well. Is Afghan Good For Medicinal Users? Recreational users enjoy Afghan but what about medicinal tokers? Depending on your needs, this could be an effective option for you. Physical pain, for example, can often be effectively handled by Afghans. After all, this indica is all about deep body relaxation. That’s good for managing physical pain. The pain-relieving qualities of this strain can help with mild discomfort or chronic pain. It’s also a choice for people looking for help sleeping. Afghan could even help with insomnia if that’s an issue for you. While we definitely recommend Afghan to recreational users, if you are interested in medical marijuana, this strain could be even better for you. The Benefit Of Auto-Flowering Afghan Seeds The ruderalis in autoflowering strains make for a resilient hybrid, but there is more to it than that. Your typical marijuana plants are photoperiod plants. Cannabis cultivation with a photoperiod crop requires you to expose your plants to a specific light cycle for them to enter the flowering phase. Auto-flowering plants, on the other hand, enter the flowering stage based on the age of the plant. They flower automatically, which makes things much easier. That makes the cultivation process easier for everybody, but obviously, novice growers benefit from that more. Even experienced growers often get Afghan Autoflower seeds for another reason. Auto-flowering cannabis plants have a compact structure. A compact plant takes up less space, and if you have limited space for indoor or outdoor growing, you might want to limit plant size. In that sense, auto-flowering plants can really benefit you. Afghan has a longer flowering time than many strains, taking up to 70 or 80 days. Indoor growers can get reasonably-heavy yields. Even with the compact size of Afghan plants, you can get 400 to 500 grams of quality bud per square meter. Traditionally, Afghan auto-flowering plants do less well with outdoor cultivation. Outdoor growers tend to get 200 to 300 grams per plant with their outdoor crop. Growers Choice Seeds Is A Premium Option For Growers Like You If you are looking for quality marijuana seeds for sale, look no further than Growers Choice. We offer a premium product for a plethora of strain options, including Afghan. For starters, we offer fully-feminized cannabis seeds. Why is that so important? Because when it comes to marijuana, only female plants have buds. Buds are where almost all the THC is found in marijuana, so it would be a beginner mistake to risk having male marijuana plants show up in your at-home grow. We lab-test all our seeds for quality, and we offer a germination guarantee as well. If you use our recommended germination method that you can find in our detailed germination guide, you are eligible for that germination guarantee in case you need it. Fortunately, the paper towel technique we recommend is quite simple, and all it takes is a moist paper towel, a dinner plate, and a glass or bowl of water for your makeshift germination station. Here is more about the paper towel method. We have high-quality seeds, but the germination process can be tricky sometimes, and we want you to have peace of mind. Speaking of peace of mind, we have quick, reliable, discreet shipping available, and our helpful support team is here if you need them. Whether you are a recreational toker, or if you are a health user, at Growers Choice Seeds we want you to have the ideal experience. That’s why we offer dozens of strains and auto marijuana seeds. Here are five other strains to consider. 1. Master Kush: If you want a heavy yield, Master Kush could be the strain for you. This pure indica comes in at 21 percent THC, and outdoor plants yield up to 500 grams per plant! That’s some healthy growth! 2. Hash Plant: With Hash Plant, Afghan Autoflower seeds mix with Cannabis Cup winner Northern Lights to give you an indica-dominant hybrid strain that’s great for marijuana seed cultivation. 3. Royal Kush: Royal Kush auto-flowering seeds offer you the “King of the Hybrids.” This powerful indica-dominant hybrid is known for a mind-blowing buzz that can have your head in a cloud of euphoria. 4. Birthday Cake Kush: Instead of grabbing a couple of snacks at the end of the day, relax with some Birthday Cake Kush instead. This balanced hybrid has a heavy yield that many of your fellow growers already love. 5. God’s Green Crack: The flavor of grape with herbal undertones characterizes God’s Green Crack, which can help medically-minded users dealing with both physical and non-physical issues.


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